My New Cannabis Seed Grow….Here Come Some F1 Hybrids

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Starting a new seed grow. 10/05/20

These will be F1 hybrids, and I will sell them cheap.

I know a lot of people grow out these F1’s and sell them for a premium price, but I think they are taking advantage of you. I see F1’s as not all that desirable…they will create offspring that run the gamut of genetics….resulting in plants like the mother and father, and everything in between.

One advantage the sellers of these seeds have is the ability to target the keywords of both strains. A def plus in this business.

I am growing out of these plants and plan on producing 13 different F1 hybrids.

I plan on selling these cannabis seeds onsite for cheap! The cheapest cannabis seeds you will find anywhere online! Think I will price them all at 2-4 bucks a seed.

Santa Marta Colombia Gold Cannabis Male
Santa Marta Colombian Gold Male Cannabis Plant

Now that is some cheap cannabis seeds!

Here is an image of the grow and a short vid showing the plants smiling in the breeze. I will add a list of all the strains involved in the grow soon. And, I will add more vids, and pics as the plants mature.

Here is a list of possible hybrids from these plants….There is only one male, and he turned out to be a Santa Marta Colombia Gold plant….here…

And, here is a list of female cannabis plants he will have his way with…Jedi Glue, Black and Blue, The Force, Sugar Haze, DUI, OG Kush, Burnt Sugar Cookies, Sour Plums, Shock Trauma, and there are two Santa Marta Colombian Gold females for a pure strain.

I see the two Colombian Gold females are two distinct pheno types as well.

One looks pure Sativa, and is slow to flower like many strains from tropical areas are, and the other was quick to flower, and looks more like a hybrid. Some landrace strains are questionable at best. With everyone crossing and producing seed pure landraces are going to be harder to come by. Oh, well it is the nature of the beast.

Cannabis Seed Grow
New Cannabis Seed Grow

Time keeps rolling along….here we are at 12/8/2020 and I am about a week or two from the chop. I want to be patient and give most of the seeds time to fully mature.

Check out several videos of the grow on My YouTube Channel.

You guys are going to love these hybrids. They will show hybrid vigor, and check out the crystallization of these buds.

I say this over and over, but it bares repeating….Seeded buds don’t always attain the size of unseeded sinsimillia. These plants grown for bud could get huge…..especially the Burnt Sugar Cookies X Santa Marta Colombian Gold!

Some may disagree with the way I manipulate the cannabis plant, but I did not want to spend the whole winter on this grow.

So, I grew these plants out to about the third node ( a few weeks) and changed the lights to 12/12 to initiate flowering. That is why, even though the plants are photo period plants, they have remained small in stature. They will have only been in the ground for a few short months.

But, they are able to produce 100’s of seeds during their short lives.

So, without farther ado…..

In Conclusion

1/1/21….Well wack day finally arrived! So down they came to be processed and added to the site for your enjoyment. The grow was awesome, and so are the seeds! I thought I was having trouble getting seeds to mature under my LED lighting, but I was wrong. I was not letting the plants go long enough. So this grow I just let them go on and on it seemed….but the final result was worth it!

As I dry the plants in order to extract the seeds, some of the seeds will fall to the floor. I collected these, and decided rather then just put them in the free seed jar, I would offer them up as a freebie with every order till they are gone. You can see them below in the little vials that hold about 10 cannabis seeds each. And you can see this offer will go on for a bit as have many to give away. I will include these, along with all the usual freebies I give you guys. So put in that order, and enjoy!

So here are some final images, and I uploaded a video to the YouTube channel you can view here. and here are a few images….

8 thoughts on “My New Cannabis Seed Grow….Here Come Some F1 Hybrids

  1. This is cool ?. I?m a auto flower fan due to space and convenience but eventually hope to try photoperiod grows.

  2. Jerry, You’re much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Cheri, and so are you!

  3. Yes..yes… things now need to happen fast and easy..just add water…..?

  4. Looking great Jerry! Patients is everything but I’m sure you’ll get it done

  5. Great service . Great prices. Everything was quick and simple. I can?t wait to see what u have coming next. . Thank you Jerry .

  6. Great service, great prices, package shipped quickly. All of the seeds popped super fast and vigorous. Finally a seed bank that doesn’t run the price up. Thanks Jerry!!!!

    1. You are welcome Jon, thanks for the kind words.

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