Basic Cannabis Growing Tips

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Beginners Tips For Growing Awesome Cannabis Plants

A Guest Post From Quinn, Thanks Quinn

The Big Cannabis Strain
The Big Cannabis Strain

Cannabis is a plant that grows pretty easily on it’s own. Whether in the wild or on your windowsill, it is a relatively easy plant to keep healthy.

There are many other considerations, such as if you are growing in soil or hydroponic medium, in the ground or in pots, and other variables.

That being said, there are a few simple considerations to remember in order to ensure a happy, healthy plant.

None of these are hard and fast rules, just some basic biology of the plant and things that many growers have picked along the journey. As always, continue to experiment and try new things.


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It is recommended to keep cannabis plants within the temperatures of 65 F? – 75 F?. The top end of ideal temperature is about 85? F? to 90 F? and the coldest should not be below 65 F? to 60 F?.

Cannabis is a highly resilient plant, and can adapt to more extreme temperatures, but anywhere from 65 F? – 85 F? is going to give the plant ideal conditions to live.

Besides fans, which help to circulate air, two factors to help control temperature is to consider using an A/C system or heater, as well as having your plants shaded from direct sun at the hottest times in the day.

When it comes to humidity, an even 50% RH (relative humidity) is about the sweet spot. The humidity can go up to 60%, however prolonged higher humidity can encourage mold and other issues.

It is recommended to have slightly higher humidity in the vegetative state compared to flowering, as this will help the plant stay hydrated, and there are no dense buds yet to be negatively impacted.


The Black Cannabis Strain
The Black Cannabis Strain

When watering your plants, one thing to remember is that the soil should not always remain wet. Many people find that watering around every 1 – 2, or even 3 days is a good balance.

I like to use a soil mix that is about half perlite or/and vermiculite. This will retain some air near the plant’s roots, even when wet. Cannabis loves an airy planting medium.

Trying to water plants a certain amount at a certain time is simply not the way to go about it. Think about it….would a large plant in a small pot be watered the same as a small plant in a big pot? Or visa-versa?

There are simply too many variables involved. Plant size, pot size, temperature, ventilation, ect.

No, I think the best way to determine whether a plant needs water is to heft the pot and be able to look at a plant and determine whether it is thirsty, or not.

You can tell how wet or dry your soil is by many ways, such as the weight of the pot, or feeling 1-2 inches in the soil.

The best water to use is clean, filtered water, with a PH of 6-6.5. Some soil additions such as perlite or peat moss can help with water retention and drainage, which are both equally important to roots.

Adding a layer of mulch, or a cover crop, can help regulate soil temperature, as well as moisture.


Auto Flowering Cannabis Blooming in the Greenhouse
Auto Flowering Cannabis Blooming in the Greenhouse

If you are growing plants outside, they prefer areas with full sun.

When growing inside, you will need to supply your plants with sufficient light.

A light with anywhere from 200 to 1000 watts will be great for a few plants, but it’s best to use a light calculator to see what your needs may be.

When growing strictly indoors, you want to make sure to use a light with a full spectrum, including UV.


Sour 60 Purple Pheno
Sour 60 Purple Pheno

Except in some cases where the planting medium is already full of necessary nutrients (super soil), it is best to amend from natural sources, such as compost tea or food/animal products.

There are also bottled nutrients and others available, for those who wish to go that route, but organic nutrients are more forgiving and require less flushing.

Two other beneficial additions are seaweed and mycorrhizal inoculates.

You may have heard this before, but the three main nutrients cannabis needs for healthy growth are, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

There are other trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium which are needed, but the three above are needed in the highest quantities.

It is very useful to research this topic extensively, so you can decide for yourself where you want to source nutrients from.

In Conclusion

Although cannabis is an easy plant to grow, there are many things you can do to improve it’s environment and health.

Many things are learned by experience as well, so don’t be afraid to try some things out for yourself!

As always, happy growing. (:

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