Aeroponics, or Deep Water Culture

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Guest article by Kevin…Thanks Kevin

The Materials Needed for the System

? 5-gallon bucket with lid (or you can order bucket inserts with net cup)
? A decent aerator pump (same as for an aquarium) one at least for 30-40gal
? Airstone (preferably disc air stone or at least 2? air stone)
? 3? net cups (any size you prefer)
? 2? Rock wool cubes (for starting from seedling)
? Clay pebbles (to secure the rock wool in net cup)
? Your choice of plant nutrients
? You will need a tool to cut the buckets lid some snips and be sure to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Now you are going to want to get the lid of your bucket, as well as your net cup, take the lid of your bucket (the size of your chosen net cup will determine the size of the hole cut into the lid of the bucket.)

I chose 3? net cups so you cut out a hole in the center of the bucket lid just enough for your net cup to fit in and the lip of the net cup still catches the bucket lid to hold it in place.

Cannabis Flower Under LEDs

You are also going to take your snips or chosen tool and cut out a hole in the lid for you aerator pump hose to go through.

Now you will pour your chosen water and nutrients base or mix into your bucket. Now put your hose for your aerator through the hole in lid attach your air stone to hose and make sure the airstone is at bottom of the bucket.

Then put the lid back on, drop in your net cup, pour in your chosen hydroponics clay pebbles, and BAM!

You now have your very own Deep Water Culture System


? Aerator pump- This aerates the water and nutrients base to create a oxygen rich environment for the plant roots
? Chosen Nutrients- Keeps the plant healthy and helps to prevent root decay
? Rock wool cubes- This is what will be used to place your germinated seedlings into
? Clay pebbles- Pour this around your rock wool cube that has your seedling inside it to secure it with in the center of your net cup
? 5 Gal. Bucket- This will be the reservoir for the nutrient and water base
? Net cup- What will be the base for your clay pebbles so your roots will make your plant more rigid

Starting a Seedling

Cannabis Seed Sprouting in a Paper Towel

You will want to go ahead and germinate your seed your preferred way.

When the stem on your seedling is about an inch long you are going to take one of your rock wool cubes split it down one side leaving the other intact place your seedling inside the cube spike facing down close your rock wool cube with your seedling inside placed in the correct growing position.

Pour some of your clay pebbles into the bottom of your net cup then place your rock wool cube on top of the pebbles in the center of the net cup so it is suspended within the net cup.

Then you will pour more clay pebbles around your rock wool cube to secure it in the middle of the net cup.

You will want to keep the rock wool cube wet mist with a spray bottle until the seedling grows roots long enough to enter the nutrients in the water reservoir.

When your plant matures enough your reservoir and aerator pump should be enough to sustain it.

The tube coming from the bottom of the bucket is just a drain tube that also functions as a way to see your water and nutrients levels in your bucket.

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  1. This is great information for rookies i myself just started with 2 buckets hydroponic just to try and compair grow between soil and hydroponic from my experience they will need micro nutrients like Great white as water don’t have the microbes that soil has and advice black buckets no light getting to roots also i check my ph every day water changes every week just to insure clean beneficial water

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