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Cannabis Flower

"I received my package very quickly, All seeds look perfect and well packaged. I also received 15 free seeds! I’m very Impressed and am very excited to try these genetics! Thank you! @ just cannabis seed!"


Great guy, great commucation, very helpful supplying my needs for me better then I did myself. Great strains, great seeds and the plants are beautiful when they grow. I am very happy watching these ladies grow out, they grow with power you can tell they are from a very good seed strain. Quick shipping everything deserves A+++.. Thank you so much!!! I have nowhere else to go I couldn’t expect anybody doing it better. I will be back!!


I’ve only grew one time so not much experience, and purchasing seeds can be so expensive! My order was well within the grasp of an every day kind of guy and they showed up within a week. Super fast, great price, and I will be back for the updated grow


Ordered the free seeds just to see what kind of company i was dealing with. Mainly to check them out before doing a major order. Well a couple of weeks past and no seeds. After writing and explaining this they fixed it immediately and even sent xtra. Tested the germination rate and to my shock it was 100%. These people are for real and have quality. Will definitely be ordering more product soon to add to my personal strain. JCS U ROCK


Dear Just Cannabis Seed Guy!

I am writing to THANK you for the wonderful seeds! I am the recently
retired teacher who has bought from most of the suppliers out there,
and yours are among the best I have tried – I will send you pictures
this weekend.

Thanks so much for your generosity of the free seeds – I thought it
must be a scam, but it certainly was not! I also bought some of the
auto flower …and, you were right, they are the way to go to fill in
between the harvest of the big guys. You are one of the real good guys out
there in the industry. I use cannabis for migraines and other issues
– growing my own means I get to save money and enjoy the growing

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