The Sativa Cannabis Strain….Characteristics

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Sativa, that elusive word. Being from Quebec, Sativa was almost only a concept to us. We were certainly aware that some variety of cannabis gave a less stony high, but were not completely sure of the strains that were almost pure Sativa.

Cannabis Sativa 1
Cannabis Sativa 1

One of the best descriptions of the effect I heard is: it reminds me of the feeling of the first time I smoked some weed. They were talking about the body and mind effects that were unlocked when consuming high Sativa strains like the Jack Herer .

Let’s jump into the last few years where cannabis has become increasingly popular and the demand for high Sativa strain has skyrocketed. The majority of none regular users prefer a Sativa because they feel a boost of joy and motivation compared to a confusing and relaxing couch-lock effect of an Indica. Here are some of the most popular strains of Sativa:

Sour Diesel, Durban Poison, Green Crack, Haze, just to name a few. These strains are all caract?rise by giving the user a unique boost of energy and joy through its duration. Sativa will not leave you tired, will not confuse you and is a perfect choice for daily usage. I wouldn’t recommend using Sativa once it is dark unless you are planning to stay up all night.

Sativa Type Cannabis Plant

Sativa plant grows tall and slim and usually take much longer than Indica to grow their entire cycle. They hold some of the best fragrance cannabis had to offer, from fruity to floral passing by exquisite exotic smells. Buds tend to be taller and less fat than their Indica sisters. It is not recommended to grow Sativa outdoor in the northern hemisphere unless you have an auto version. Sativa autos are perfect for the grower living in a short summer environment , they ensure the plant will meet it full potential with its short growth cycle.

If you haven’t grown a Sativa auto outside in the summer, you have to try em, they give astonishing results that won’t disappoint.

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  1. looking forward to santa marta auto fem seeds count me in

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