Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide for Cannabis Plants

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Hydrogen peroxide is an extremely common antiseptic, found in many homes, as well as supermarkets, and even convenience stores. It is very cheap regarding its price, and easy to obtain. It has many great effects on cannabis plants; some of these effects aren’t commonly talked about.

In this article, you will learn of many different benefits that hydrogen peroxide can deliver to your cannabis plants.

 It is a convenient, safe, and cheap treatment to aid in pest control. Algae, Fungus Gnats, Powdery Mildew, Molds, and more pests can be completely obliterated by the use of diluted hydrogen peroxide.

It’s as simple as making a 1:4 hydrogen peroxide to water ratio solution, and spraying it on infected plants. It also deters pests, so that those pests (i.e., fungus gnats) do not return and cause a second infestation.

It can also eliminate weeds in grows where weeds are an issue, so be sure to use it if you ever encounter this issue also!

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Hydrogen Peroxide is highly beneficial in soil grows. This is because it adds oxygen to the soil to aerate it.

Most of us know that the chemical molecule for water is H2O. However, hydrogen peroxide’s chemical molecule is H2O2. This means that there is one more oxygen molecule in hydrogen peroxide than in water, explaining the addition of oxygen to the soil. By mixing the same ratio as mentioned above of water and hydrogen peroxide, the resulting solution can serve as an excellent fertilizer for happier, healthier plants. It may also be added to water in hydroponic systems for the further incorporation of oxygen into the water.

Seed germination is yet one more process that hydrogen peroxide can provide great benefit to. As previously mentioned, hydrogen peroxide consists of one more oxygen molecule than water, which helps for seedlings to sprout from their seeds more quickly, being much stronger. A soak with the 1:4 hydrogen peroxide to water ratio can bring you outstanding results.

It is a remarkably valuable disinfectant that you may use for your supplies and tools. Since it is safe for plants, you can use it on any tools/supplies that you use in your cannabis gardening, and one cannot stress enough the importance of sanitation. It can also be mixed into the solution above to be sprayed in your growing area, such as a grow tent, or larger areas outdoors. It’s an overall disease-deterrent, so even if you have something on your tools that you definitely don’t want to bring to your plants, hydrogen peroxide will take care of that with very little effort. It also cleanses water, which is necessary for grow systems such as hydroponics.

Overall, hydrogen peroxide is wonderful for cannabis plants. It’s cheap, easy to obtain, safe, a useful disease-deterrent, and provides remarkable outcomes when applied to certain processes in cannabis growth. It serves as an effortless and ideally-suited disinfectant as well. Don’t underestimate the power of H2O2!

9 thoughts on “Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide for Cannabis Plants

  1. Is food grade necessary? Also, when you say 1:4 ratio: are we talking about diluted to water, or… 25-35% concentration diluted 4 times, 3% diluted 4 times, or….. what?

    1. Truthfully I did not write that article and don’t use it in grows myself Jason. I would have to assume it means diluted with water, but I would recommend more research.

      1. Some say “use food grade only” which is 25-35% . There isn’t a lot of research on this. Oh well .. I appreciate your quick response and all the other helpful info in the posts!

        1. Sorry, I am not more help. There are alot of folks who swear by it for seed sprouting and at other times during a grow. I would go on a big FB grow page and ask, then glean the correct info from the comments. Lots of growers use it so it shouldn’t be too hard to do. I am going to need to look into it myself, as a matter fact, would you come back here and share what you find out? That would be awesome!

  2. I have been mixing 1/2 cup per gallon and it seems to work. I spray squash and cucumbers with it too and they really perk up the next day. I’m trying to find out if I can spray buds.

    1. Truthfully I have not used it much, but am going to start experimenting, especially interested in using it for seed sprouting…

    2. pour it into the medium, plants will suck it up for bug killing & healthy plants, & the extra oxygen.

  3. I use regular off the shelf peroxide with great results. It will kill any pests that are on the plant such as spider mites, they nibble & die, I also use epsom salts which kills any bugs & mites that bite the leaves, neither will harm your plants!

  4. Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidizer… reacts with organic material to burn it….similar to what chlorine does. To purify water it’s recommended to treat and let stand for 24 hrs. to do its job. Used in soil it’s going to kill beneficial bacteria and break down the humus that holds water and air…I wouldn’t recommend. Non food grade is not safe for putting on food as it has other chemicasl…I wouldn’t want it on bud I’m smoking. Though generally not recommended to treat buds, I would like to know the effect it has on trichomes? I’ve heard of people using it to rinse their bud right when they harvest and then dry…to try to kill mold spores that might harm their curing or stored bud.

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