How To Store Cannabis Seeds

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Cannabis Seeds

So you have ordered and received your cannabis seeds, and if you bought them online form me they were cheap! 🙂 So you don’t want to grow them all out right away. What to do? How should cannabis seeds be stored to retain their viability? Here are four things you can do:

  • Keep them dry
  • Keep them sealed airtight
  • Keep them cool
  • Keep them in darkness

Keep Your Cannabis Seeds Dry

Make sure your cannabis seeds are stored dry. A moisture percentage in the 2-3% range is ideal for storing your cannabis seeds. A desiccant can be placed in the storage container with your seeds. Pre-packaged desiccants or silica gel packs are readily available online.

Rice can also be used is as an effective desiccant, but should be replaced periodically. The use of a desiccant when storing seeds greatly improves their stability, longevity, and viability.

Keep Your Cannabis Seeds Sealed Airtight

This is a very important step when storing your seeds. If the seed bank you ordered your cannabis seeds from sends them in a sealed container, perhaps containing a desiccant, you can simply leave them unopened for long term storage.

Jar of wholesale seed
Cannabis Seeds Stored in a Glass Jar

When storing your own seed long term consider purchasing a vacuum sealer. IMO this is the best way if you do not need to access the seeds for some time.

Plastic containers are not recommended, nor are baggies. For long term storage glass containers with sealable lids are best.

If you need to get to them from time to time a glass canning jar with a sealable lid is a good choice.

Overall, glass containers are highly recommended for optimum storage conditions. They are suitable for long- and short-term storage.

A glass jar with a glass lid is ideal, but glass canning jars with metal lids work fine too. Reusable, airtight, and easily assailable long and short term storage of your precious cannabis seeds.

Keep Your Cannabis Seeds Cool

cannabis seeds forming
Seeded Cannabis Flower

When storing your cannabis seed temperature is another important factor to consider.

If you are storing your seeds for just a few years room temperature can work well, making sure they are airtight and in darkness

Some people keep their seeds in a refrigerator. This can work well, but you must keep in mind refrigerators are somewhat humid, if your seeds are stored there they must be in airtight containers.

Many also keep their seeds long term in a freezer, this method I do not recommend. Freezing your seeds long term can actually destroy tissue and damage the seeds.

If you decide to go this route the seeds must be airtight, and care must be taken to not thaw and refreeze, as this is especially hard on seeds stored frozen.

Keep Stored Cannabis Seeds In Darkness

Light has a way of deteriorating things, and cannabis seeds are no exception. Always store your cannabis seeds (no matter where) in complete darkness.

I like storing mine in a drawer in my dresser, closed and dark. If you decide on a refrigerator or a freezer that should still be kept in complete darkness.

In Conclusion

Cannabis seeds are natural living entities, and although they are hardy and lasting, care must be taken in order to keep them longer then nature intended.

The cannabis seeds sold here onsite are not only cheap, but they are also fresh, and their viability is tested. They are also the highest quality genetics you will find anywhere online.

Store your weed seeds properly and you can enjoy the fruits of your cannabis husbandry for many years to come!

2 thoughts on “How To Store Cannabis Seeds

  1. Hey just wanted to thank you for doing all the info on all the different ways that you know of to do stuff and still say what you preferre to do your self. I love it keep up the good job. I?ve learned a lot of tips and tricks to add to my growing education thanks again ?????

    1. You’re welcome Shane.
      I am not really one to go with what the latest greatest Internet wisdom bestows upon us.

      For instance the common belief you should not transplant auto-flower plants. I transplant them all the time, sometimes a few times during their lives. If one transplants gently, without disturbing the root ball much the plant hardly knows you did it.

      Literally, sometimes it is better to simply use common sense then some of the politically correct advice shared online.

      Sorry, rant over….

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