Medical Marijuana Cured My Pain!

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A guest post from Garrett, Thanks Garrett

Blackberry Spacewreck
Blackberry Spacewreck

So, I worked in a relatively relaxing environment with coworkers around my age 20-30 years old. It is a very young place with lots of activities on sight for us to do.

One day, while at work, we were playing basketball on a mini hoop in the office and a coworker accidentally elbowed me in the face and shattered my nose. I got surgery within the week because of how difficult it became for me to breathe.

The pain after surgery never subsided and left my nose hurting for weeks on end. I took all of the recommended drugs and followed all of the procedures to try to clear my pain but between the headaches, the itchiness of the pain killers, and the uncomfortable feeling of being high on opioids all day, I finally visited my doctor and got prescribed medical marijuana.

I am in a rather conservative state but from the first hit, I could tell that this would be replacing pain killers for me. Since then, I purchase my cannabis seeds medically on a regular basis.

The only issue is that purchasing Medical Marijuana in the US can be very expensive if done through a dispensary.

As you can imagine, I had the idea to start growing my own cannabis medicine.

Sugar Haze Cannabis Strain
Sugar Haze Cannabis Strain

I?ve tried several different suppliers for my cannabis seeds but has been, far and away, the BEST company to communicate and work with.

Seeds ship quickly and any hiccups are resolved quickly. gets a 10/10 from me, and I would recommend them for any grower.

Something that is so beautiful about growing your own medical marijuana is the resilience the plant can show when it is treated poorly.

There is a learning curve, like all things, when it comes to growing medical cannabis.

There are lots of factors to consider like nutrients, soil, humidity levels, ph. levels, room temperature, lighting, and countless other factors that must be considered.

With all of that said, somehow the plant finds a way to produce beautiful flower and surprising yields every time because the plant is just so forgiving.

Blackberry Spacewreck LED
Cannabis Bud Under Led’s

Probably the biggest factor about growing your own cannabis is the fact that it is such a no brainer as far as costs go.

You can set up a relatively inexpensive tent and grow high-grade cannabis on a year-round basis without much more than good soil, light, and the cannabis seed.

The seed itself costs anywhere from $1-$20 (cheap cannabis seeds) but a fully flowering plant can be valued at over $1000. If anybody else is a number junkie like myself, then you are already probably salivating at the idea of being able to save thousands upon thousands of dollars in cannabis dispensaries to do it yourself.

I have grown quite a bit of my own supply and cannot imagine another form of medicating myself.

And to top it all off, unfortunately, cannabis is still a grey area for most places of the world, thus rules and regulations surrounding this beautiful plant can be difficult to maneuver. One must be always aware of the laws and regulations concerning cannabis, and it’s cultivation, where you live. does not condone the breaking of any laws, anywhere!

With that said, there are many growers that use pesticides and other harmful chemicals the protect their plants from fungi, mold, or other creatures.

But then we end up consuming these pesticides!

When you grow at home, you have the assurance and peace of mind knowing that your cannabis will always be up to par with your standards because you know firsthand every ingredient used in the grow.

There are countless benefits to starting your own cannabis grow….and, if you are in a legal state, what are you waiting for? Visit Just Cannabis Weed Seed Shop today….

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