How to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

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Advice on Autoflowers

Guest post by Logan, thanks Logan

So you?re probably wondering why grow an Autoflower vs a Photoperiod.

Well, I?m here to shed some light on why learning to grow autos can be rewarding. I really do mean ?Learning?, because there is a learning curve on how to maximize growth and yield.

Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant
Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant

Firstly the benefits of growing auto-flowering cannabis plants is plain and simple, quick weed in a short space of time, c?mon we?re busy people and we want instant gratification, two to three months to get at least two ounces who can?t live with that?

So one thing you have to remember and it?s the fundamental rule, your autoflower pot plant is on the clock, you don?t have time to spare. I would advise that you grow your auto on at least an 18/6 light schedule, you can do 24 if you desire.

Indoor growing is ideal you can make sure your plant gets the maximum light vs outdoor growing. You would need a good grow light, LED or HPS preferably with a 1000 watt output or equivalent.

There are LED grow lights that only use 100 watts but output 1000 watts so that very economical.

Next, you need a deep pot, 3-5 gallons. Autos roots like to grow downwards so they appreciate the depth. For soil I would recommend any Peat Moss based grow medium with perlite, a 70/30 mix is ideal. Autos like light airy soil so that their roots can grow easily and it?s breathable.

Cannabis Sativa 1
Cannabis Sativa 1

This next rule is I would say the most crucial, plant your germinated seed directly in the pot you plan to grow it, they do not like to be transplanted, if you transplant you may lose at least a week of growth and remember, you?re on the clock.

This one factor can be the difference between having an actual plant or something looking like a mini bonsai cannabis plant.

Now bear in mind even if it is small you will get a yield, a very sad 1-2 grams.

Yes it hilarious to see one of these.

Next, feeding is very important you want these plants to basically grow as if they were on steroids, now don?t overfeed but don?t skimp on the nutes, observe your plant and if it responds with no problems then you?re on the right track.

Don?t overwater, make sure your PH is good, same as growing any cannabis plant.

As for training, low-stress training is best if you so decide, whatever to do, DO NOT top an Auto, you?ll set your plant at least a week back to recover, time which you don?t have.

And lastly enjoy yourself, these Autos are so much fun to grow, once you?ve mastered an auto you feel like you?ve unlocked a life achievement.

Some people give auto flowering cannabis a hard time saying they don?t yield much, lower THC, yadda yadda yadda.

Most likely these people failed at doing everything right and blamed the genetic instead of themselves. Any successful grow belongs to you the grower, it?s not going to be easy but if you follow these simple steps you?ll be on the right path and you can always improve on your technique, but start with a good foundation.

After your first successful grow you?ll be even more motivated to keep pushing the limits of these awesome auto flower strains.

Strains I recommend for beginners are Durban Poison Auto and Sour 60 Auto.

I hope I was able to help and inspire some of you to grow an auto flower cannabis strain or even retry it. Never give up and never surrender. Success sometimes takes practice!

Keep on Growing!

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