My First Experience With Cannabis Indica

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A guest post by A Harel, Thanks A Harel

My first encounter with Cannabis was through a story I was told by my father who grew up in Fez, Morocco.

Ata Tundra Cannabis Strain
Ata Tundra Cannabis Strain

The story, which dates back to 1942, is a tale of young boys ? my father and his brothers – who decided to horse around with their mother.

Somehow, the three oldest brothers managed to buy Hashish and on Friday night dinner they put the hashish on their mother?s plate. She ate it with her dinner without noticing anything at all.

The food she had prepared for the family was enough for both Friday and Saturday for 9 people (parents and 7 children) since cooking on Saturday ?the Sabbath- is prohibited in the Jewish religion. The family woke up on Saturday only to discover that both the entire prepared and raw food had disappeared from the house.

All the pots and pans were empty!

It turned out that the mother of the family, under the influence of the Hashish she had eaten at dinner, woke up in the middle of the night and ate everything in sight…..without knowing it.

For a long time I was against marijuana.

I had been under the influence of all who opposed cannabis, without offering any good reasons why.

Jedi Glue Cannabis Strain
Jedi Glue Cannabis Strain

I have since changed my mind.
Last summer my wife went to Europe and I asked her to buy a few cannabis seeds.

She bought three and brought them back on August 4th. On August 5, 2019, I planted one seed in my garden. It grew into a beautiful cannabis plant.

I showed it to a few people who commented that it was a model plant that could be on a poster.

Unfortunately, frost came very early in 2019 and before the frost I dug out the plant (very carefully) and put it in a huge planter. It continued to do beautifully indoors but I noticed that its growth had slowed.

I did not provide special lighting to the plant. It also did not help that my little 12Lb dog started feasting on the bottom leaves and behaving very strangely!

Eventually I did put a fence around the plant to protect it from the dog.

The winter in New York is very long and although the cannabis plant survived for another 3 months indoors it stopped growing and eventually died. I did realize I needed 2 more months for a cannabis plant to mature but I did not have that time.

Now some of my seeds are in the ground, two full months earlier than last year?s experiment.

I truly hope to succeed this year!

5 thoughts on “My First Experience With Cannabis Indica

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Ben. I really am all about customer service, that is the one thing lacking with many cannabis seed banks, and if you get you money to me for your order those cannabis seeds are usually shipped that day. Many seed banks ship only once a week, or wait even longer. I tend to ship cannabis seed orders every day. Most shipments will reach you within one week.

  2. I start my first grow 8×8 gorilla tent 8 60 hydroponic watt cfl light with reflector 2 Led 80watt with reflector 2 maxi sun 600 watt 3 and 5 gallon gorilla glue auto 6 3 gallon fabric pots each gave about 200 grams and 4 Girl Scout cookies auto and each 225 grams on first grow 2 Nd grow bought psycloner 5 white widow auto teens and 5 auto Bruce banner and over the year clone no stop had 3 tents going 2 8+8 tents one from veg and one for bloom had another gorrils tent 8+2 for Seeds?s and clones just got my deep water hydroponic kit 8 5 gallon with clay pebbles and are combine all my light together also got 4 200 grow light from wallmart and 400 all led from Home Depot had 4 300 watt just put in bucket last week all white widow and have auto 5 white widow female and 5wedding cake hemp male I?m going to pollen and see what type of seeds they produce has anyone evee pollen a auto flower and hemp and auto and regular wondering wgat will come out of it ,in a month I?ll post and let every one know what outcome I get All seed from I love growing marijuana just order 10 mango regular for MSNL but still waiting been bout 5 weeks I would love to find another good seed Breeder I would love to try so super auto flower or auto flower seeds from your company ,I?m currently in upstate New York and I put 100 regular Girl Scout cookies 100 white widow all femized seeds all female

    1. Put in your order Garrett, and I will take care of you. Also, I look forward to an update on your grow, let us know how it goes.

      1. Thank you so what?s up with your free seeds ???

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