Growing Cannabis the Easy Way!

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Guest Post by Laurel, Thanks Laurel

Small Auto Flowering Cannabis Plant
Small Auto Flowering Cannabis Plant

I first started smoking pot back when an ounce was called a lid and it measured four fingers in a baggie.

Back when we would dump our lids out on the Cheech and Chong Big Bamboo album so we could sift all the seeds out?.and how many of us tried rolling that lid in the giant rolling paper that came with that album???

So all those years rolling and smoking I wait until I am in my sixties and living in a mobile
home park to finally grow some weed.

This will be like my fifth year growing in containers because there just is not much you can do large scale in a mobile home park.

Auto Flower Cannabis Plants
Auto Flower Cannabis Plants

I believe I have done quite well for an old lady. I think what convinced me was someone telling me I wouldn?t be able to grow shit.

I started my seeds in my shed under CFL lights, this year I expanded and got a grow tent for the house
and I bought a LED light to go with the cfl?s in the shed and that has been a big improvement.

Eventually I move them outside.

I usually buy good soil and grow in five and/or ten-gallon grow bags which I put in milk crates so I can move them around if I need too. My first year I had like only three plants which got
me about four ounces?..

I was simply thrilled.

I never topped or LST and god forbid I used miracle grow for nutrients.

Each year I have improved so for those of you who don?t think you have a green thumb, trust me, it can be done?.marijuana is a pretty forgiving plant for the most part and we learn as we go.

So here I am five years later, this is my first year to try some auto-flowering weed. So far so good and not
counting the autoflower plants, I have graduated to about ten plants this year and each year the pot is

It has turned into like a hobby for me, even more so now that we are stuck at home due to the
coronavirus pandemic.

Cannabis Plants
Cannabis Plants

I don?t grow to make money, I am not out to grow the biggest or the best, don?t care if my weed has a name, but I am a happy camper just being able to keep myself in smoke.

I will throw in some pics of what my neighbor refers to as my ?ghetto grows? to give encouragement to
other over-the-hill smokers who think it is too much work or that you need a yard?

if you have the time it really isn’t hard work and by now most of us should know you don?t have to have a big yard.

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  1. I love this story, I just wanted to add that I love the smell the resin oozing of the fresh plants, particularly on a hot day.
    I use 5 gallon buckets (joint compound) which are excellent to grow anything in them. and yes I agree you have the advantage of putting good soil & to move them anywhere and maybe getting more sun – if you want.
    For me this is my second year, Last year I had only 90 days from seed to maturity (It did not mature but my dog enjoyed it – believe it or nor but my 12lb dog got stoned) This year I have about 150 days.

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