Growing Cannabis the New Way

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Guest Post From Michael, Thanks Michael

Relearning the cannabis grow industry after a 40 year hiatus.

Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant
Lady Bugs on a Cannabis Plant

1979 was a great year as an 18 year old I just had my first successful grow of 10 plants!

It was a different growing culture then, I had germinated my seeds with paper towels and a desk lamp. And I must mention the seeds I used were from an unknown strain that I harvested from several ?4 finger bags” or “lids”, sifting them with my drivers in my turntable cover.

Old school smokers will know exactly what that process was.

I Then transplanted then into small pots in my mother?s cc pipe and bisque greenhouse to a height of about 6 inches.

I then trudged into a patch of woods by my house cleared a spot in the middle of a briar thicket and replanted them in a mixture of soil, potting soil, and miracle grow. For the next 2 months or so I made a daily trek with two gallons of water and put my plants on a three-day rotation water cycle.

No pruning no notes nothing except water sunshine the elements and miracle grow. My plants grew to an unruly 4 to 6 feet tall and produced about 2 pounds of decent product.

1979 was also the last time I have been able to partake of the herb.

Due to a succession of jobs and a career in which all my employers regularly test for THC I have been unable to enjoy the herb culture. Oh off course during that time I have on an occasion verbally recreated but it was rare.

Fast forward to now 2020 I am now 57 years old soon to retire and the laws concerning the herb culture is becoming more and more lenient both in penalties and enforcement.

Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds
Tiger Striped Cannabis Seeds

I am now looking at growing with the new techniques and it seems overly complicated.

Or am I just a dinosaur from a bygone time?

As I try to educate myself in current grow culture it seems I need a degree in botany, horticulture, and chemistry.

But hey I?m game and decided I will try ?Grow buckets” then after that maybe ?DWC Hydroponics”.

My first step in my journey of ?rediscovery” was the cannabis seeds themselves.

Man was I shocked as I scoured the internet I found many places selling seeds for what I felt were exorbitant prices.

Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

Then I stumbled onto and saw that there I could for 10 dollars get a good quantity of seeds, up to a hundred I think. Of course, it is a mixed bag of unknown strain but I felt the way to go ad I am dipping my toes into a new grow science.

I ordered my first seeds from Jerry @ on 13 May. I notified Jerry on 25 May that I still had not received my seeds (who knows maybe they were intercepted) he said no problem he would put me more in the mail, as he guarantees one shipment.

So as of this writing I am eagerly waiting with my 5 gallon grow buckets. CFL lights 200 watts per bucket and intake and outtake fans.

Any advice you new world growers could give an old school out of touch grower would be greatly appreciated.

Just please dummy it down! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Growing Cannabis the New Way

  1. If you do a DWC, get a GREAT air pump. The cheapies will fail just when you need them. Also … big box fertilizers suck, all of ’em. I’m new to growing and discovered these 2 things (btw … our stories are almost identical) Luckily, where I am there’s a hydroponics store and I’ve learned I can trust the people in it.

    1. Thanks for the input pbzzz I am about a week out from try the space bucket method, just waiting on my 300 watt ufo led grow light may be asking advice as I get into the grow.

      1. No problem Michael, I am pretty much old school though. 🙂

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