Male Cannabis Plants….Characteristics

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Male Cannabis Flowers 1
Male Cannabis Flowers

When it comes to the cannabis industry most people think more of the female cannabis plants….Why? Because the female cannabis plants produce the flowers, or ‘buds’ that produce the most THC that everyone loves to smoke, vape, or create oils, creams, and edibles.

But almost everyone forgets about the males since they’re not often thought about or not used in the medical field. Determining if your plant is male or female is actually pretty easy. Most male plants only see at a few weeks of life, once a grower finds out they have a male plant they generally throw them in the trash. Here are a few things to think about before discarding those male cannabis plants.

1) The male cannabis plant makes up half of the DNA of a plant, you need a strong healthy male plant to produce good pollen to be used in the production of cannabis seeds. You can also collect marijuana pollen for future uses as long as it’s stored properly. They can use this pollen, later on, to pollinate the same strain female to keep that strain going on or they can choose to crossbreed and create F1 hybrids, or even make their own new strain of cannabis.

Male Cannabis Flower 1
Male Cannabis Flower

2) Not all males are lacking in potency, a study from 1971 found that cannabinoid concentration was generally higher in female plants, males exhibited significant concentration levels. Most recently a study in Thai landrace varieties found males contained 0.722%-0.848% of THC.

3) Male cannabis plants can be used in concentration production to produce Hash or other oils with smaller amounts of cannabinoids which can be found in the leaves, stems and pollen sacks of the male plant.

4)Just like female cannabis plants, male cannabis plants can be juiced just like female plants you use all the same parts for juicing as you do in concentration production. Raw cannabis juice acidic has different effects from fresh plants than dried plants.

Male Flowers
Male Flowers

5) The Hungarian study found that male and female hemp fibers differ from each other in several important aspects. They differed so much that traditional peasant farmers were reported to separate the males and females in the fields as well as conducting all stages of retting, decorticating, spinning, and weaving processes separately. The study found that female hemp fibers are stronger than male hemp fibers, the other difference is the male hemp fibers exhibited higher torsional resistance and flexibility than the female plants.

6) Both male and female plants can be used for pesticides and repellent extracts and pure cannabinoids,have been demonstrated to exert antibacterial and antimicrobial. This is why cannabis is good for companion.

7)Both cannabis plants are good for garden enhancement there tap root helps break up soil and they can be used to keep some pests away in your garden.

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  1. I love to have bunch males to try and breed other strains

    1. You will get males from my seeds. I dont even carry a fem strain right now.

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