My Journey With Medical Marijuana

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Guest Post By Bree, Thanks Bree

Medical marijuana was new in the state I live in.

Rusty Glue Cannabis Flower
Rusty Glue Cannabis

My doctors may have mentioned it in passing, but I quickly dismissed it because it was illegal not far away in the state I worked, as well as at the federal level, and to say it would not have been received well in my professions would have been an understatement.

In fact, it would be two career death sentences ?. and almost two decades of very hard work and schooling down the drain, but I was running out of options.

Some doctors told me to look at wheelchairs, others told me science had nothing to offer in my lifetime.

After some searching, I found a medical facility that would perform the surgeries once and told to keep my body safe because they couldn?t fix it again.

Pauls Purple Fire Cannabis 2

I was scheduled to have a rib removed to do reconstructive lumbar and thoracic surgery first and then for a 4 vertebrae neck fusion second.

The first group of surgeries didn?t go so well so the second never happened.

My thoracic back proved to be as tricky as they said it would be.

I had more pain, more neuropathy, and meds weren?t working.

So they would add more meds, Stronger meds, and experimental meds.

I could barely move, and I couldn?t eat.

My weight was dropping drastically.

I went to a bigger hospital looking for help, expecting to be admitted and fitted for a feeding tube .

It took hours for medical professionals to convince me to do something they technically weren?t supposed to convince me to do. The hospital, following others in the state, had taken a formal stance, but this doctor was sympathetic and taken by my story.

Pauls Purple Fire Cannabis 1
Pauls Purple Fire Cannabis 1

He told me it was the best, if not the only viable, option.

He said the other prescriptions were essentially slowly killing me.

My jobs, and a family peppered with addictions issues, didn?t make it an easy sell?but that night I took a leap of faith. I had prayed for a solution, and who was I to question the answer I received.

So began my journey with Medical Marijuana.

I wish I could say my first time ever medicating was a miracle but it wasn?t. It didn?t work?like at all. I was disappointed and heart broken. Thankfully I had family members who wouldn?t give up. They found people who knew things about marijuana.

I learned.

I tried different strains and in the decade or so since, I?ve grown – both literally and figuratively.

It felt like forever, but in less than 6 months I was able to get off my laundry list of prescriptions and get my medical card. Over the next few years my body I continued to recover.

Although I was never able to get back to work, I am still happy and consider myself relatively healthy. My back will never be as good as new, but with Medical Marijuana I?ve managed to avoid the extensive neck fusions.

Vial of Cannabis Seeds

I?ve been able to get back to working out- just differently. I am still forever looking for the magic strain that will make me hungry again, and I?ve eliminated the need for costly doctors appointments, pain specialists, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage.

I?ve learned to cook and bake and make a mean green dragon and RSO all in the name of health.

Smiles from me to you.

I am so happy to say that these cannabis seeds are the easiest I?ve ever sprouted, and I look forward to growing more soon.

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  1. Delivery was good strains incredible…smell taste exquisite….sleeping better and pains are tolerable keep up the good work

  2. Sharing this with sick uncle.

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