What Are Cannabis Fan Leaves Good For?

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How to Use Cannabis Fan Leaves

A Guest Post From Bree, Thanks Bree

Large Cannabis Leaf
Large Indica Fan Leaf

The raw power of fan leaves can be all kinds of fun! Have you considered adding them to a salad, juicer recipe, or smoothie?

Dry it as a dry spice, add it to a spice mill or grind it and add it in all over. Why not reap the health benefits by adding ?a little extra? in, here- and there- and everywhere.

How fun is that? Plus, no heat added means no psychoactive effects for your cbd loving friends.

It?s a win-win.

They don?t pack a huge punch, but a little CBDcan help our body out more than we may realize.

Tea time is even better with a little CBD. The psychoactive effects of fan leaf tea is debatable.

If you aren?t decarboxylating first, it?s likely minimal- if any. My personal thought is that if it isn?t decarboxylated, people who are especially sensitive to cannabis -or the placebo effect – are most affected. in my honest opinion, the tea isn?t heated hot enough or long enough to cause any real psychoactive effects.

The Force Cannabis Strain

From my experience, it?s mostly a little muscle relaxation, and maybe some help with sleep, however, I have met a few people who swear by it.

Personally, I prefer to decarboxylate first, but for my CBD loving friends- no heat generally means no problem.

Lotions, creams, and balms. CBD is all the rage these days.

Using fan leaves to give your homemade products a little more oomph is IN and ON POINT!

Seriously, just have fun with it!

Bee Better with some CBD bee wax balms, or have your kiss packed with healing powers. Sun yourself with some CBD sunscreen, or make a soothing CBD lotion.

Maybe you want some healing hemp in your hair. I?ve done it all, so it?s ALL DIY do-able. Where you begin and where you end is totally up to you.

Pampered pets?

Do your research.

Maybe your canine companion could benefit from a mild concoction. If they are sold in stores, you can make them at home, and who knows your play pal better than you?

Large Indica Cannabis Leaf

It can be controversial, and I don?t mean to cause confusion or chaos- but I personally prefer to lovingly and cautiously make my babies their CBD products when necessary with all-natural ingredients without any unnecessary additives. (God knows, my babies will eat the leaves raw if they can get to them and my Pittie has wreaked havoc on a plant or two in her time. They are old dogs, and I think sometimes they take what they think they need. )

Another favorite among crafters are the various crafts you can create. Who doesn?t love a pretty fan leaf or two or three? Add some epoxy and make coasters, tumblers rolling treys, tables, the sky is truly the limit.

Put your skills to the test and show us what you can create with fun, fabulous fan leaves.

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  1. With all mine I made a co2 3 of them and make shatter with it and my stalk I make hash

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