My First Auto-Flower Cannabis Grow

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Guest Post From my Friend, Thanks So Much

It’s me, the old lady who grows pot in her mobile home park.

This year I decided to give some auto-flower plants a try, no problem with my first harvest of Sour 60 AutoFlowering Cannabis and Lowryder Purple Pheno Cannabis.

Sour 60 Purple Pheno

One plant I grew in a 1.5-gallon self-watering pot, its a pot where you fill-up the bottom reservoir with water, I had the plant outside against the house where it would get pretty hot in the sun so I usually had to fill the reservoir daily.

That was the Lowryder purple pheno, it didn’t get very big but it flowered nicely producing less than a 1/8th. The

Sour 60 I had in a three-gallon container, true to word it was ready in 60 days but I let it go a bit longer, it was one solid bud!

The best part was I had that plant right out on my driveway against my house lined up with other outdoor plants like a dwarf peach, an ornamental cabbage, and geraniums and I decided its a new form of stealth grow. I had the plant out there the entire time and not one person ever noticed, those who drove by and even a few friends walking up my driveway would walk right past never noticing.

sour 60 purple cannabis plant 1
sour 60 purple cannabis plant

Thankfully it is legal for me to grow but one still has some concerns about theft if growing outdoors, but I was banking on my belief that for the most part people rarely pay attention to their surroundings and in this case they proved to be oblivious.

I am going to put some more out of the driveway, maybe make every third plant a pot plant? one expects to
see a plant in full bloom right out in the open let alone on someone’s driveway, and they certainly don?t recognize pot plants as quickly when they are only a foot or two tall.

I like to get stoned and amuse myself with little experiments such as this?..I guess the COVID pandemic
has us all looking for ways to keep busy at home.

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