How Our Bodies Absorb Cannabis Medications

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A Guest Article From Bree, Thanks Bree

Four Ways Our Bodies Take in This Marvelous Medication.

Smoking and Vaping

The seemingly easiest and perhaps most popular method of absorption is inhalation.
It is also the shortest acting.

THC, CBD and other cannabis compounds are absorbed into the body through the lungs by inhaling combusted or vaporized cannabis.

There are many methods of combustion and various levels of vaporization. Each carries its own benefits and effects.

Smoking a joint is very different than smoking a pipe, and both are different than smoking a bong. Vaporization is its very own glorious beast.

Ingesting Edibles

Ingesting edibles is becoming increasingly popular and with dispensaries becoming more legalized, this is becoming an even more popular prescription for medical patients.

Although this absorption method takes time because the Thc and cbd molecules have to travel through the digestive system where they are absorbed and metabolized. The medical benefits last substantially longer and are generally worth the wait.

Just like inhalation, the types of ingestion vary. Simplified, the most popular forms of edibles are candies and baked goods, although cooking and meals with meds and infused fats and oils as well as raw plant materials are becoming increasingly more popular.

Beverages like weed wine and Green Dragon are also great choices. Cbd drinks and juices are also trending.

Absorption Through Mucus Membranes

Absorption of THC and CBD through mucus membranes found in the mouth is arguably the fastest, most discrete, and most effective method of med absorption.

The effects of only a few drops of your favorite cannabis medication in your mouth is sure to please most medical and recreational users (and save your lungs a little).

Consider making or trying:
? your tincture of choice (Typically alcohol, oil, or glycerin) under the tongue,
? a spoon full of some special sugar, or my preference a healthier monk fruit version)(like an adult version FunDips).
? Make some HealTHC Honey, or
? try a tiny dab of RSO

Transdermal Absorption of Cannabis

Finally, transdermal absorption. This is the absorption of cannabis medicine like Thc and CBD through the skin. This method is not psychoactive and results only in localized effects.

Making these creams and lotions can be a fun project for the scraps growers and even recreational users may inevitably have.

In Conclusion

The wonderful thing about cannabis is that it can be tailored to you and to fit your needs.

As a grower, a cook, a baker, and a cannabis meds maker, I can tell you the possibilities are endless, and they are not one size fits all.

It?s all about finding out what works best for you in your state, that also fits with your lifestyle, and most importantly your body and it’s chemistry.

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