My New Bird Feeder

I use to put out those game blocks for the animals to munch on. I would just put them out on the ground and let the animals have their way. The blocks would usually last for a few weeks….

That is until a large black bear decided to simply eat the blocks in one setting. Here is a youtube vid of him…

He looks like he just ate one!

Anyways, I stopped putting the blocks out as he would come and just devour them!

So I got to thinking, and decided to build a bird feeder that would hold one of those blocks, and it would be out of the bears reach. Then I thought why not two blocks, then they will last for quite a while.

So I built the bird house…

I included a couple places to put a trail cam to get some images of the animals taking advantage, and of course I was not disappointed.

Below are some of the happy visitors…

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