Washing Your Cannabis Plants

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Santa Marta Colombian Gold
Washed Cannabis Plant

Does anyone else ever wash their cannabis plants? Why would you want to wash them? What would be an advantage?

I wash my cannabis plants a few times during most grows. Why? Because over time dust, and pollen can settle on the leaves, this cuts down on the amount of useable light the leaves can absorb to fuel photosynthesis. Washing cleans the pores of the leaves and the plants love it!

Spray Bottle

Always use clean, clear water to wash your cannabis plants. I usually use tap water, but let it sit for 24 hours so any chlorine can dissipate. I use a small spray bottle that Home Depot carries. They hold quite a bit of water and work great.

I also wet the leave occasionally if I foliar feed, or if I have a plant that has gotten too dry. Plants can absorb both water and nutrients through their leaves. Foliar feeding is a quick way of helping a plant that may be in trouble.

Of course, I live in a semi-arid region so the extra water isn’t a problem. You can see in the image below the humidity is about 42%. If it is humid where you grow you might not want to add any more moisture to the mix. Too much moisture is the bane of cannabis growers everywhere. PM sucks balls!!

My washed, smiling plants…

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