How to Monster Crop Cannabis Plants

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Monster Cropping is the lengthy process of taking a cutting from a plant that is already 2 or more weeks into its flowering stage, then you must put it back in to vegetative state in order to tweak a strange genetic growth pattern.

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First the flowering clone will need to be rooted. Be patient because it will take longer than usual, and these flowering clones have about a 50/50 success rate, so take a few extras.

If your cuttings have any buds or signs of bud, you should remove it now. The buds will wilt and dry anyways, making the cuttings take longer.

After the cuttings take root, re-veg them for 2-3 weeks on 16/8 photo period. You will know it is in RE-VEG state when it starts to display strange looking round leaves. After the leaves start to look normal again, you will know it has gone back to VEG state.

So, the cool part about this next growth is why it is called monster cropping. The new plant will start to shoot long branches pretty much all from the same spot and these will be your top colas.

With LST (low stress training) you will quickly fill up your canopy with many equal sized top colas.

Flowering Marijuana
Flowering Cannabis

Another way you can do this monster cropping technique is by re-vegging a full plant after you have harvested.

When you cut you plants down for harvest, leave a ?mainframe? of branches with a few healthy fan leaves and put it back under 16/8 photo period, then use LST and super cropping to get a MONSTER of a second harvest!

Pros of Monster-Cropping

You can keep certain genetic strains alive while using less space, power and time.

Your monster crop will produce lots of natural colas from the main trunk.

This is an awesome technique if you are limited to the number of plants you can grow, or you have got a small grow space.

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This works awesome With SCROG and will maximize the light dispersion on to the plant canopy, which will in turn increase yield!

Cons of Monster Cropping

There are not very many cons I can think of. One major drawback is that if you take a clone from a re-vegged plant, the plant will not produce as well as the first monster cropping.


This process adds at least 3 weeks on to your grow schedule because of the time it takes to convert the cutting from a flower back into vegetative state.

My conclusion is that if I can get a substantial increase in yield without sacrificing extra vertical space, then I say its worth the 3 weeks to see a tree full of top colas all the same size.

This summer I will experiment by taking my plants from my bloom room after I harvest and re-veg them to be moved outdoors for the summer.

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