Causes of Low Germination Rates for Cannabis Seeds

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Why Won’t My Cannabis Seeds Sprout? The Basics

Free Cannabis Seed Order
Free Cannabis Seed Order

You bite the bullet, and send all that hard earned money for those expensive cannabis seeds.

Now what?

NOW it is time for you to turn those minuscule little seeds into awesome cannabis plants.

But, this very first step in this process can be one of the most troublesome.

Getting those little suckers to sprout!

Reasons Your Cannabis Seeds Do Not Sprout

There are many reasons for cannabis seed germination problems, some on my end, and some on yours.

Lets start with cannabis seed germination problems that could be my fault.

Cannabis seeds sprouting in a paper towel
Checking the Germination Rate of the Force Cannabis Strain
  1. The cannabis seeds are too old. This is likely a problem with cannabis seeds at times. For me, it would be the seeds I buy wholesale. These seeds have been produced by who knows who, and who knows when. I test germinate seeds that someone complains about…I don’t get many, but a few. I can assure you I have only been producing cannabis seeds for a bit over one year, so the seeds I have produced will be fresh and the germination rate will be around 100%.
  2. In proper storage of my cannabis seed stock. I store all my seeds in a cool, dry, dark place. I am not a believer in freezing my seeds for storage, nor even refrigerating them. The cannabis seeds I have produced should stay very viable for at least 5 years or so.
  3. Immature seeds or damaged seeds tend to have lower germination rates. I try to send only very mature, undamaged, viable seeds as the main seeds in a paid order. I do however realize many immature looking cannabis seeds will still germinate well, that is why you will find some immature looking seeds in the free seed offers, and as freebies included in orders.
  4. And, lastly, I just want to say I always send extra seeds (just one of the seeds I have bought wholesale, and many extras of seeds I have produced and have many of) in an order. The more money you spend the more freebies you get. I do this for three reasons…First, because I want to turn you into a repeat customer. Second, because I sell only regular cannabis seeds so males are likely. And third, because germination problems can happen to us all, and I want you to have extra seed to make up for it.

Now for cannabis seed germination troubles that could be your fault.

Cannabis seeds need just a few things in order to make the leap from a single simple little seed to a beautiful cannabis plant. Lets take a look…

Cannabis seedling
Cannabis Indica Seedling
  1. In order to sprout cannabis seeds need to maintain the proper moisture levels throughout the germination process. Too wet and the can just sit there and simply not sprout, too little and you can get the same result. I am also not a fan of soaking, wet paper towels, ect. My favorite way to germinate cannabis seeds is the old fashioned way, the way nature does it. I plant them about 1/4 inch deep in a fine seed planting potting mix. Then I water daily with a spray bottle, just enough to wet soil around the seed, but not soak all the soil in their container. I believe this maintains the proper moisture to support the highest germination rate. I usually (but not always 🙂 get around 100% germination.
  2. You must maintain the proper temperature throughout the germination process. This temperature should be about 75 to 85 degrees Fairenhight in my experience. Any deviation from this temperature range and your germination rate could fall off.
  3. The water you use could be a possible problem as well. If you simply use tap water you need to know your tap water is good enough to use. I tend to just buy a jug of distilled water to wet my seeds.
  4. Light? You don’t even need it to sprout your cannabis seeds, but they will quickly be looking for it once they have popped.

I wanted to cover just some of the basics here in this post. There are lots of ways to accomplish getting a cannabis seed to pop, but there are a few basics covered above that can be deal breakers.

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  1. Hi.. Jerry..I have many friends tell me that buying weed online is alot cheaper than, taking your time to take care of few plants in your basement or in a greenhouse, with all of the Light’s and nutrients and OZ go for as little as $60.00. and ask me why I bother taking all that Time for a small amount…”I just say that it’s Beautiful Plant” ,and it is. People will always take the easy way… What do you think???

    1. I am in complete agreement Dwayne. I love growing all plants, and am a nature lover in general. I would grow cannabis even if I just gave it away, just like I do with all my garden veggies.

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