How to Tell a Good Cannabis Seed From a Bad Cannabis Seed

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Are the Cannabis Seeds I Bought Online High Quality?

Mi5 Cannabis Seeds
Mi5 Cannabis Seeds

So did you buy some cannabis seeds online? If you didn’t buy them here on you likely paid too much! I sell high-quality cannabis seeds here for wholesale pricing….

But, back to the subject at hand.

The quality of cannabis seeds for sale online.

First off let me say mature cannabis seeds for sale online should be dark in color, and fully mature.

Tiger striped cannabis seeds are great, but not that common, and maybe a product of genetics. Tiger striped seeds are likely always mature.

That is not to say you can’t grow a high-quality plant from a pale immature seed. I have grown monster plants from the smallest of cannabis seeds, and even those pale immature looking seeds.

New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer
New Seeds For The Free Cannabis Seed Offer

One way to tell if a cannabis seed is in deed mature is to squeeze it hard between the thumb and fore finger. If it is hollow and crushes easily it is immature and would not have sprouted. If it is solid, then it will likely sprout and grow a great plant.

The size of a cannabis seed is another indicator of a mature, viable cannabis seed. The bigger the seed the better…basically.

Can one tell anything else about a cannabis seed just by looking at it? Can you predetermine the sex of the resulting cannabis plant? IMO no, I don’t think so.

Another consideration when buying cannabis seeds online is the age of the seeds. You of course would not know how old the seeds you are buying are, but the good thing is they don’t suffer much with viability from age till they are about 5 years old, or even older. Any cannabis seeds should be stored properly if kept for any amount of time. Air-tight container in a cool dark place.

Below you will see an image of 4 rows of cannabis seeds. You can blow the image up if you need more clarity. You will see that the cannabis seeds on the far left are really large (a good thing) and dark in color. These are great seeds to buy as long as they are fresh.

The seeds in the second line from the left are the much sought after tiger-striped cannabis seeds, these too are likely great seeds, as they are dark in color, and fully mature. Tiger striping is a sign of maturity as well.

The third line of seeds are smaller, but still dark and fully mature. These seeds look great as well, and can grow great plants.

The fourth row are not as mature, not as dark, and are smaller. These would not be considered premium cannabis seeds. That being said, they may all germinate, and grow great plants. That my friend is the real test of maturity….does the cannabis seed germinate? If the immature looking cannabis seeds sprout like normal you are golden. Before complaining about the maturity of the cannabis seeds you bought online, simply see if they sprout, and grow.

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