My New Medical Cannabis Seed Grow

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I have decided to do some ongoing posts of some of my cannabis seed grows. I will touch on things that might help you guys out with your grows. I will also share images as my grows progress. I have been needing to add content to my site, and this will be an easier way to do it, this will be my first installment.

I have sadly been out of Santa Marta Colombian Gold seeds for some time. This old school strain (was the first plant I even grew back in 1968) is still very popular, and I am asked often when I will have them back in stock.

Well, just as soon as these plants finish, I should have copious quantities of these seeds for you guys! I too am looking forward to that day.

I am also growing 3 Backberry Zittlez plants as well, so will have F1 hybrids of those. I am very impressed with this strain, very vigorous, and impressive genetics for sure!

You can see a quick video of the plants on my YouTube Channel

And here is an image of the plants….

Santa Marta Colombian Seed Grow
Santa Marta Colombian Seed Grow

7/24/22 Update….Just pruning up the underbrush of these plants.

As the plant matures, and especially if the plant has suffered some stress (over-watering, under-watering, lack of nitrogen (food), too much heat, etc.) lower leaves can die, wilt and ultimately dry up.

This is also common simply because of age, and the fact this underbrush receives less light.

Some strains are more prone to this then others as well.

It is always best to remove this kinda stuff, mainly to improve air flow…..especially if you live where it can get humid and mold problems are common.

I go so far as removing the smaller branches as well…especially if it looks like they will never get big enough to grow out into the light more.

Here is an image of the 15 plants all prune up. I can legally grow 15 plants here where I live, and I always obey the law regarding this……

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Making Seed
Santa Marta Colombian Gold Making Seed

You might notice I also put all the leaves and plant material I pruned on top of the soil in the pots, and added some compost on top…..the plants will love this!

7/26/22 Update….Well the heat of summer has arrived. With temperatures hovering around 105 Fahrenheit for the next week or so. How will my cannabis plants fare? They will do great, cannabis actually does not mind high temperatures…..if you keep one thing in mind.

And that is water!

So lets discuss watering your cannabis plants a bit.

I always see posts on FaceBook of people asking how often and how much they should water their plants. They want someone to give them a formula, tell them exactly how much water, and how often. This is simply impossible.

And, here is why…..Cannabis, and plants in general will need varying amounts of water through out their lives. There is no formula, there is no rule for watering. The amount of water you give your plants, and how often changes dramatically through out their lives.

I suggest growers should develop the ability to simply look at a plant and tell if it is thirsty. There are tell tell signs…such as, they will get a dull slightly wilty look when they are just beginning to suffer water stress (time to water.) This will progress till they are obviously wilting ( you don’t want to let it get to this stage as damage is beginning to occur.)

When a plant first sprouts it needs very little water. It’s root zone is small, and water that is not in it’s root zone means little. I usually water almost daily, but only enough to saturate it’s small root zone. As a plant gets bigger, it needs more water. Basically the bigger the plant, and the smaller the container it is grown in the more water it will require, and it will need this drink more often.

Heat is also a consideration. Basically the hotter it is the more water it will need, and again more often. Even wind can cause a plant to need water more often. Plants kinda like people transpire water to cool themselves, and plants need water to maintain photosynthesis.

One other thing to keep in mind is if you are growing plants outdoors in containers, in the hot sun…..not only will the plant you see be that hot, but also its roots will be just as hot. The fix is to water often, or like I do sometimes bury the pot in the earth where the plants roots will get a break from the heat. I have been asked why I don’t just plant them in the ground, and it is because Santa Marta Colombian Gold is a tropical plant and can take longer then my growing season to finish maturing it’s seeds. This way I can actually move them indoors if need be to finish.

One of the easiest ways to judge a plants water needs is to simply heft the pot. When you first pot a plant , and before you water it in heft the pot to judge it’s weight. Then when you need to judge it’s water needs you can tell by the weight of it’s pot….the heavier it is the more water it contains.

Cannabis can take the heat, as long as it has adequate water.

I once grew a big Sativa in my greenhouse with the glazing installed in the height of summer. It got about 110 that summer, and I saw 140 in the greenhouse. This plant was in the ground, and on daily drip irrigation. I wondered how it would do….well it flourished, and produced over 50,000 premium seeds!

Now back to the present grow, here is a pic from a few minutes ago….

Colombia Gold
Colombia Gold

They are getting over 6 feet tall now, and pretty much loving life. These are fairly big plants in 5 gallon buckets, and not all the buckets are buried. So how do I water these, every day, and they would actually like to be watered twice a day. The temperatures around here have been hitting the triple digits recently. So how much water do I give them, as much as the bucket will hold, I put drain holes about 2 inches up from the bottom so they would have a bit of a reservoir.

I have begun looking for pre-flowering, and have seen only female flowers so far. I do hope, and expect (there are 15 plants after all) to have a male or two. I will be letting you know how that goes. Till next time, if you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them….

8/1/22….Time for an update on my outdoor cannabis seed grow. Here is an image of those plants today…

Colombia Gold Seed Grow
Colombia Gold Seed Grow
Male Panama Red
Male Panama Red

They are reaching for the sky as cannabis plants do. They will however, be somewhat limited, because of only being in 5 gal pots.

The plants inter-nodes are getting closer at the tops….a sure sign of them preparing to flower. Their stems will also harden up, gaining the strength to support the heavy flowers they will soon have.

I have been watching for signs of preflowers of course, as I want a male and will be producing seed. And, I have been rewarded with my first male, a Panama Red!

Here is an image of him…worst case senerio I have F1’s with him as the father.

I am still hoping, and expecting, a male Santa Marta Colombian Gold. With about 8 of those plants I doubt I will be disappointed. The Panama Red is a bit faster then the Golds which are not showing yet.

Regardless of what happens I will have seeds! So that is good!

There is one thing I do not like about tropical Sativa’s like Santa Marta Colombian Gold…..and that is how long winded they are! How long it takes them to flower, and to finish. This is the reason I am growing these plants in the buckets, so I have the ability to actually move the plants indoors to finish ripening their seed if need be.

When plants get this big in pots that small it is important to keep them hydrated and fed. I am beginning to feed they at every watering, and I have to water them every day. They would actually like a second drink on those days it is hovering around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes I just give them a drink via their foliage. I like to do this on occasion not only for hydration, but also to simply wash their leaves of. Think of the leaves as small solar panels, to take full advantage of the sun they need to be clean of dust.

8/11/22…..I am basically growing these plants to produce some pure Santa Marta Colombian Gold seeds. That of course hinges on my getting a male of that strain.

Santa Marta Colombian Gold Male
Santa Marta Colombian Gold Male

And thankfully I have, he is one of my ‘Real Santa Marta Colombian Gold’ plants which is awesome! He is a big robust male, and will have his way with all the ladies.

I debated what to do with the Panama Red male, and finally decided to cull him, I don’t have the time right now to deal with him.

I have been selectively breeding the Colombian Gold strain for some time now, and the ‘Real’ is the end result. So those genetics will be involved with all the seeds made in this grow.

I have plants from other lines of Colombian Gold as well in this grow.

I have one other female of the Real, so will keep her seeds separate from the rest.

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