Strain Spotlight- Santa Marta Colombian Gold

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Santa Marta Columbian Gold
Santa Marta Colombian Gold

Santa Marta Colombian Gold, which is also referred to as “Colombian Gold” or “Santa Marta” gets its name from its area of origin- the Colombian Santa Marta mountains. It is a sativa-dominant strain that is closely related to the famous, legendary Acapulco Gold weed strain. Its scent is often said to be very lemon-y, being skunky yet sweet simultaneously. 

This strain has held popularity since the 60s, when word spread widely across the United States. Now, causing just as much craze as back then, it is considered a classic, old-school strain that is sought after by many. It is one of the keywords that bring this website quite a bit of search traffic. 

Being a Cannabis Sativa strain, Santa Marta Colombian Gold offers promising, effective treatment for depression and pain. This strain has undeniable uplifting effects, stimulating the mind to result in creativity and productivity. This strain also appears to cause much less anxiety and paranoia than most other common Sativas, which makes it even more wonderful for those who use it medicinally and recreationally.

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8 thoughts on “Strain Spotlight- Santa Marta Colombian Gold

  1. So do you have them now are you still waiting….i thought that the email said that you had the Santa Monica Columbia gold seeds available now but the site says out of stock. If you do have them available please i would love to be able to get some of those…….doyle

    1. Sorry Doyle, I do not have them in stock yet. am growing them outdoors as we speak, and just today saw I have a nice male of the what I call the Real Santa Marta Colombian Gold. I will send out an email to my list when they are ready, I should have lots of them, and will likely put them on sale.

      1. Well Jerry you kinda know me….i want a few not to many but i would like to send you like 50 or 75 dollars… I have two questions one will you make sure I get some and also could i send the money for a order and you select all seeds like a Jerry’s special pack even if it was like 50 75 and 100 dollars mystery pak you fix up and send to me are people like that…..

        1. Yes I do, hello Doyle. Please don’t send me money now for seeds in the future. I should have a ton of those seeds (I finally got a male SMCG!!)So no worries about running out quickly. You have given me an idea though….Jerry’s Special Cannabis Seed Pack….hmmmm. Ok….I am going to do this, it will be $100, and will be seeds I choose for their freshness, and they will be strains I have been impressed by. Thanks Doyle!!

  2. The order of weed found in MIAMI during early 70’s MEX, JAMAICAN, then C. GOLD priced from low to high ( no pun intended) just like the reefer. Most MEX and JAMAICAN could be had for 15.00$ a lid. And C. Gold. was hard to find and priced higher if you could get it. After about 74/75 PANAMA RED/GOLD, and ACAPULCO GOLD were now on the scene and at first be had for 15.00$ lid and then quickly jumped to 20.00$ Lid then to 20.00$ For four finger Oz. due to demand. The 20.00$ Oz. stayed around for along time. Because of the small loaded freighters laying of the coast usually after Hurricane season in international waters and planes landing on deserted roads all through out the state and small airstrips. I will have to say at times you could not find good weed (we called it dry) but could always find dirt weed ( MEX and some JAMAICAN). All weed was seeded with some stems. The best way to purchase any weed was by quantity if you knew someone in the pipe line. When C. Gold came to Miami it had everyone asking their connection/dealer were could they get some. It sold itself. Those were the days.

    1. Yes, and I lived through them as well. I grew my first Santa Marta Colombian Gold back in 1968. I actually remember brick weed for 8 bucks a lid.

  3. Yes man that’s awesome cause I’ve been dealing with you for a while and every time I am very happy with the outcome you have always sent me top quality seeds…and plenty of extra and free seeds…i think it will be a great idea….i hope i am one of if not the first to get me a mystery pack ……I’m will be getting my this weekend……..

    1. Awesome, yes I expect this offer to be popular especially with my loyal customers that know me.

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