Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid Cannabis For Pain Medication…Mary’s Story

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A guest post, thanks Mary…

I was a 48-year-old woman living with a life of pain.

Ata Tundra Cannabis Strain
Ata Tundra Cannabis Strain

Medication for my autoimmune disease did a lot of damage to my liver, so I choose to live with pain versus taking pain pills that would continue to harm my liver.

I was very hesitant to try cannabis at first and after researching the positive effects I decided to try it.

Cannabis changed my life. Nothing helped my pain like Cannabis. I highly recommend trying it, not only did it take my pain away, I was able to sleep better, more energy, and a calmer mood.

My life of living in pain is gone.

Trying something new can be a little scary, but fear of cannabis is simply misplaced. Cannabis helps, it does not hurt.

These are 3 main types of Cannabis in many flavors, smell, and taste.

Try the different main types of cannabis until you find your favorite.

Indica: can also be referred too ?in the couch? this term is because Indica puts you into a relaxed and calm state.

Some people say they got scared because they were ? couch-locked? for 20 mins. I find it?s more your body fully relaxes to a point it feels so good you don?t want to move? but you can.

When you first try Indica it will put you to sleepy state fairly quickly. As you get used to the effects you really start to enjoy the pain-free relaxed state you are in.

Sativa: to me is day time cannabis. Not only does it take your pain away, but it can also give you energy and a creative mind.

Cannabis Sativa 1
Cannabis Sativa 1

When you first try Sativa it can make you sleepy, but as you get used to it, you will get enjoy more of the other effects.

For myself, I enjoy this type when I have a job to tackle or to play with my artistic side.

Hybrid: seems like the best of both worlds.

In hybrids, most strains will have either more Indica vs. Sativa or visa versa.

My personal favorite is Indica so when looking at these strains I usually pick an India dominate cannabis strain. For example 60% Indica 40% Sativa.

I really like as you explore their web site looking at the different types of cannabis seeds.

They have made the choices easier with a descriptive blurb about each and every strain of seeds they carry.

Growing your own cannabis at first is confusing, but with so many videos to watch it makes it much easier.

Buy some cannabis seeds today, grow your own medicine.

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