Low Stress Training for Cannabis Plants

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Low Stress Training (or LST) is a method used by cannabis growers to increase yields from their plants.

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In a nutshell, the plant stems are gently tied down, which flattens out the plant, changing its shape intensely. This method also makes for better light distribution, as with the plant tied down, bottom foliage and potential bud sites are exposed to light. 

This method is “low-stress” compared to other methods for higher yields, such as topping. This means that your plant is at a much less risk of going into plant shock, which can be a cannabis grower’s nightmare.

You can only use the LST method when your plant is in its vegetative state, which is very important to note.

Not only is LST a fun, easy method to use, but you can get the most out of your cannabis plants by using it!

 To perform this method, you must first prepare your container.

This may consist of simply puncturing or drilling holes in the rim of the container that your cannabis plant is in- the basic concept is to create points in which your plant can be securely tied down.

You don’t want to use anything too thin, which can damage the plant by cutting into it. Plant ties are made specifically for LST and are readily available from all sorts of retailers.

The next part is just as simple- tie your plant down to where it is now horizontal, rather than vertical, and ensure that it is secure and straight, so that all branches of the plant are aligned.

If you have punctured or drilled holes in a plastic container, for example, simply loop the ties you have chosen through the holes and around your plants. Tie a knot to a secure the plant in place. It’s best to check the plant regularly and adjust the tie as needed to maintain the flat shape of the plant.

After doing all of this correctly, you have now successfully used the LST method. Your plant now has more surface area exposed to light, which will lead to higher yields and the conservation of light and space.

Continue to care for your plants, wait, and enjoy the higher yields that this method can result in!

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