Best Cannabis Seeds For Beginners

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Cannabis Seeds That Are Easy To Grow

Perhaps you have always enjoyed cannabis, but have never planted a cannabis seed. Perhaps you are a complete novice. A raw beginner when it comes to growing marijuana. Or perhaps the local laws have changed giving you the ability to grow our favorite plant, or perhaps you now have space for a garden.

Whatever the reason, cannabis is a very easy, forgiving plant to grow, especially outdoors. Indoors is a bit more involved as you are supplying mother nature….ie. everything the cannabis plants need to thrive.

So now you are wondering…just which cannabis seeds for sale online are the best for beginners, an amateur grower?

Some photosensitive cannabis plants will want to get big, and sometimes you can be caught off guard by just how big, and difficult to conceal they can become.

The Force Cannabis Seed Grow
The Force Greenhouse Seed Grow

The Force Greenhouse Seed Grow on the right became a jungle! The plants got so big they filled the greenhouse completely up.

I had to severely prune them to finish the grow. I have had to remove the glazing and just let them grow to the sky…sometimes 15 ft. high!

One other alternative with photosensitive plants such as the Force is to shade them. This artificially introduces the longer dark period these plants need to begin to flower.

Also the big photo-sensitive cannabis plants are in the ground for the whole season. This gives these plants more time in the ground…and more time for things to go south for flegling cannabis growers.

This is why for new cannabis growers I do not recommend full-sized photo-sensitive cannabis plants (needing a longer dark period to initiate flowering.)

Lowryder 2 Purple Pheno
Lowryder 2 Auto Purple Pheno

So what are the best cannabis seeds for beginners? Drum roll, please…

I would suggest an auto-flowering plant. Why an auto? Several reasons:

  • Auto Flower Cannabis plants grow fast
  • Auto Flower Cannabis also flowers fast
  • Auto-Flowering Cannabis doesn’t get very big
  • Auto-Flower plants are easy to conceal
  • Auto Flowers are resilient
  • Several harvests a season is possible with Auto-Flowering Marijuana
  • Many of my Auto Flower Strains are on sale for cheap!

What Is An Auto-Flower Cannabis Plant

An auto-flowering weed plant is a result of crossing a normal photosensitive cannabis plant with a Ruderalis cannabis plant. Cannabis Ruderalis is native to Asia and areas of Eastern Europe, and, is most commonly found in Russia.

The Ruderalis cannabis strain does not contain nearly as much THC as its more popular cousins do. Cannabis Ruderalis is however extremely hardy, which makes its hybrid offspring the…auto-flower marijuana plant such a strong, forgiving plant to grow for beginners. Here are a few autoflowering strains I carry:

In Conclusion

So if you are a beginner when it comes to cannabis cultivation a good auto-flowering strain will get your feet wet, and produce some great flower in record time.

Growing several harvests a season gives you the ability to enjoy several types of cannabis every year, as autos come in both Sativa and Indica crosses, as well as many hybrid crosses.

I carry several strains of Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds to buy online for very cheap prices. Pick up a pack of these seeds today and join the ranks of cannabis cultivators!

If you want to forgo the auto-flowering strains and stick to just the photo strains, you will find some of these cannabis seeds at the Weed Seed Shop for cheap too. The Force is on sale cheap.

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