Volunteer Cannabis Plants

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Have you ever had cannabis plants just randomly grow where you did not think there should be any seeds?

I get volunteer cannabis plants every year it seems?? Usually I simply pull them and that is that.

This year I have one that actually got kinda big before i saw it, and I decided to let it grow. And it is not disappointing, it is showing impressive vigor, and has some big leaves!

This will be an ongoing post documenting the life of this volunteer cannabis plant, lets all see what it can become!

The big question in my mind is….male or female? Looks like a male to me…but time will tell.

Here are a few images of it, I will share more as it matures…

Update…5/28/23… Hmmm, I was doing some yard work, and low and behold I found a brother or sister to my volunteer cannabis plant. Looks feminine to me….

cannabis plant number two
cannabis plant number two

Unfortunately I am going to cull number two volunteer plant, as I never want to have more plants then the law allows here where I live. I am going to stick with the first one I came across. And here she is…I hope it’s a ‘she’…today…

Volunteer Cannabis Plant 5/28/23
Volunteer Cannabis Plant 5/28/23

Update…6/8/23… Well the plants is still looking male-like, but that is not a certainty. It is very vigorous for sure. I have been aggressively topping it in order to try to keep it short, but, as many of you likely know this can be a losing proposition, as with some plants they are just going to keep getting taller.

The thing is it is close to the front of my house, and could be seen from the road, I will likely just put up some kind of temporary barrier to prevent it being seen. It is about chest high now, and here is an image….

Volunteer Cannabis Plant
Volunteer Cannabis Plant
Volunteer Cannabis Plant
Volunteer Cannabis Plant

Update…6/15/23…Well, this plant is changing my mind. It was growing so tall, and vigorously at first I thought it must be a male. I think I am mistaken, I am thinking it is now a female, and and somewhat impressive one at that.

I keep topping, and it keeps growing determined to be seen from the street. I had plants in front of it that were taller, but no more. Will have to block it’s view in another way.

It is only the middle of June, so this plant could get over twice as tall as it is now.

And, if it is indeed a female, I am thinking I will have it produce some seed. I will call them Ultimate Volunteer Cannabis Seeds, or something like that. I would imagine some of you who have followed the story would like to grow it out…maybe make it a new freebie, with the story of it’s life…to tell the tale.

Update…6/24/23… I am continually topping this plant to try to keep her (Yes, I think it is a her at this point) down a bit. Without the topping this plant would have grown into the normal Christmas tree type of plant, and likely been over 10 feet tall. I have trimmed up her under story a bit, and here she is today…

Volunteer Cannabis Plant
Volunteer Cannabis Plant
Sugar Haze Male
Sugar Haze Male

I have decided I will breed her to my male Sugar Haze plant I am growing for the one gallon grow challenge. Here he is on the right.

This is especially for any of my customers who follow along with my writings.

I may give them away as freebies, complete with this story of their growth.

She would seem to be a hybrid, and a very vigorous one at that. And, the Sugar Haze I have grown out already, the mother plants were about 12 feet tall, with nice, well cyrstalled, chunky buds.

I am not sure if the Sugar Haze plant will last long enough however, time will tell if the Sugar Haze plant re-vegges, and still flowers in a few months as she likely will.

Update…7/2/23…I have definitely decided this is a female plant! I keep topping, and she keeps growing! I just fed her some of my bird guano, and I expect even more of a growth spurt.

I am going to really try to have a boyfriend for her this fall. I think I will offer the seeds with this blog post as a selling point. All I know for sure is she is a hybrid, looks somewhat like a Sugar Haze. So think she is possibly a Sativa dominate hybrid.

She is out where I am growing plants for my Permaculture Food Forest, and unfortunately somewhat visible from the sidewalk in front of my house. I will have to put something up to block the view of her, as I expect her to grow several feet taller, despite my best efforts to top her.

Volunteer Cannabis Plant Bushing Out
Volunteer Cannabis Plant Bushing Out

She is getting big around, and about 5 feet tall now, and will vegatively grow for a few more months, and even when in flower will get a bit taller.

Here is an image of her today…

You can see the side shoots getting a chance to ‘catch up’ because of me continually pinching the top most shoots.

You can also see how those side shoots are a bit bigger and greener…I have been actively feeding her of late, and she is loving it!

She should be a real beast in a few more months!

Update…7/16/23… I am feeding my volunteer plant most every day. If you want your cannabis plants to get BIG, this is the way to go about it.

She is getting big, and I have put up a temporary screen to block the view of her from the sidewalk. She has shown some pre-flowers, so she will likely remain a female (I have seen plants show female pre-flowers then become male)

Also most males simply will not get this big and bushy.

Here she is today…

She still has a month or so before the onset of full flower, so interested in just how big I can get her to grow. I have been pinching the tops off every 2nd or 3rd node, trying to keep her down, but from my experience if you are growing a very vigorous plant, this is a losing proposition.

I would imagine she will still get around 10 ft tall even with my best effort to keep her shorter.

She is definitely a hybrid, and because of the leaf size, I would say a Indica dominate hybrid. I am wanting her to make seed, and this article will be their selling point, documenting the entire life of the mother plant. If I can get her fully seeded, I can see another contest in the future….guessing how many ounces of seed she will produce.

First I will have to have a male maturing at the correct time. For those of you reading this, what strain of the seeds I carry do you think would be a good father for her seed? I would love to know your thoughts in a comment.

Pruning the lower part of your cannabis plants. Should you? Why would you?

I usually prune the under-story of my cannabis plants, especially if they are getting big like this volunteer plant.

Why would you want, or need to do that?

The main reason is for air flow, and this becomes even more important if you live where it is humid.

Here in the eastern part of Washington state the humidity is low in the summer. But, when fall begins to make an appearance the temperature can plummet, and the humidity can rise. Creating the perfect environment for molds and mildews.

And in some parts of the country the summers can be very humid as well. Opening up the underside of your cannabis plants by pruning, and creating more air flow can help prevent mold and mildew problems.

There are a few less obvious reasons as well. The under-story does not receive much sunlight, so will produce little bud.

The air flow will help your plant stay cooler in the heat of summer. Having leaves touching the ground only invites the problems discussed above.

The plant will be able to send more energy to the top growing shoots, the ones that will produce flowers. While you may have fewer flowers, they will likely stack up much bigger. Who doesn’t like huge colas?

Here is the volunteer cannabis plant all pruned up…

Also, you might notice I have simply put all the pruning’s down about the base of the plant. You will read online that you should always clean these up and discard them, because of disease they say…but in this situation I would disagree.

You know what is the perfect food for a cannabis plant? Well, that would be part of a cannabis plant! Cannabis pruning’s have everything in them that a cannabis plant needs nutritionally. The perfect food.

Update…7/21/23…She is continuing to grow and get bigger. I will continue topping her, and I put up a temporary barrier to hide her from the road.

It is amazing how big these plants can get, given enough food.

I have been feeding her every day, lots of compost, and fertilizer tea. She just sucks it up and grows, she will likely need support if her buds start to get too big.

Wonder how many seeds she will make?

Think I will have a contest and let you guys guess at how many ounces of seed she will produce, if I can get a male there with her to make them.

Here she is today, getting wide, and she is about 7 ft tall….even though I topped her many times.

I just wanted to touch base a bit on cannabis plant manipulations.

The cannabis plant is a strong and very vigorously growing plant generally. This lends it’s ability to withstand some pretty serious manipulations. Such as…topping, super-cropping, FIMing, LST/SCROG, Lollipopping, Cordoning, to name a few.

I generally only super-crop, and top my plants. I pretty much only super-crop, if I want to keep the plant down for sure, like under lights if I want good light penetration.

Topping is a way to make the plant shorter, and bushier. Topping can be done a time or two, or you could literally top ever second node ( an experiment I would like to try.)

I do remove bottom growth as well at times, as discussed above. And, this is a serious manipulation as well. These manipulations usually require the plant to heal from the wounds you have inflicted. And, most cannabis plants are quite capable.

With this volunteer plant, pictured above, that grew in a small side garden at my house, I have topped it about 10 times already. About every second node for many of the toppings. I did this in an effort to keep it as short as possible. If the cannabis plant you are growing is very vigorously growing plant like this one, that is a losing proposition. Unless you are brutal, you will only keep it to say half it’s height if grown normally.

When you top a cannabis plant, you are creating two growing sites where there was just one. The more you do it the more bushy the plant will become.

Every stem growing up toward the light on your cannabis plant is reaching for that light, and, they all want to be the tallest stem! It is literally a competition.

Topping a cannabis plants top growth site, gives shorter stems a chance to catch up. Top enough, say every second node like this plant, and you will turn your plant into a bush with many bud sites, as all the side buds begin to display their dominance.

This well generally ultimately result in more, but smaller buds, and more weight, then a plant allowed to grow in it’s natural Christmas tree shape…in my experience.

I have decided to begin topping her yet again, I think she enjoys it as it only makes her more successful in her ultimate life mission….to abundantly procreate.

Lets see just how big and bushy she can get. She gets a daily watering with compost teas, and you will not find a yellow leaf on her anywhere. This is the way I like to grow seed plants…full of all the nutrition they may need.

One more thing to add, there are no real pre-flowers to be found. SHE, could still be a HE…but, I seriously doubt it. Too big, too bushy I am thinking. The inter-nodes are getting closer, which is a sure sign of maturity, and the likely onset of flowering. I want her to flower soon, as that will assure her ability to mature her seeds completely outdoors.

Looking at her, and she is a beauty, of all my strains she looks like one of these 3…Santa Marta Colombian Gold, Sour Plums, or Sugar Haze….

Update…7/31/23…I love cannabis plants that show this kind of vigor when grown! She is becoming a beast! And, she is still in veg, so she will only get bigger. I will introduce a male plant to her when she begins to flower, as she is impressive, and I may as well make seed from her.

Tell me what type of plant do you think I should cross her with? Chosen from the strains I carry…Give me your thoughts on that in a comment, I would love to hear from you. I am thinking about The Black.

She makes me want to do a grow in the ground, of the 15 plants I can grow, but an all summer grow that I push for size, just as I am doing with her. If you want to grow huge cannabis plants, all it really takes is the correct genetics for it, and to feed them all the nutrients they can use. Concentrating on nitrogen during the veg state. She has consumed her share of cliff swallow guano for sure…

Also, a cannabis plant will grow exponentially bigger, and faster, the bigger it gets. This is basically because of the huge root system big plants can develop.

Here is a image of her from yesterday…

Front View Volunteer Plant
Front View Volunteer Plant

Update…8/10/23…She continues to fill out, and get even bigger! I am curious just how big she can get. I will be planting some more plants soon to find her a mate. I think even a very small male plant will seed her fully. Time will tell.

You can read alot of hype online about growing quality cannabis using only water, my take on this is this plant would be no where near her size if I had only given her water with no food at all. She is such a beast simply because I feed her nearly every time I water….which is every day.

I will likely top her again today….

Here is an image of her today… the wall you see behind her is a bit taller then me, I am 6′ 3″…..

Volunteer Plant Aug. 16
Aug. 10 The Wild Thing

PopPop came up with a name for this plant…Wild Thing! I love it!

When I finally get up to my property I am going to grow my 15 plants (the number I can legally grow here), but I am going to try to grow them huge like the 10 pounders one can see online. Even bigger then the Wild Thing.

I have grown some huge plants in my day, but wonder if I have ever actually grow a 10 pounder…

Looking forward to seeding plants that are that big!

But, I regress, the reason for this little update is I realized Wild Thing even has her own song. I was 13 in 1965 when this song first came out (yeah, that old!). Sung by a British band called The Troggs (Britain sure turned out some highly talented musicians!)

So take a few moments and give the Wild Thing’s song a listen…

Update…8/22/23…The Wild Thing just keeps on getting bigger! Sadly though she (I do so hope it is a she!) is still not wanting to begin to flower.

I am hoping soon, or we will begin to run out of time. She is not a plant I can move indoors!

She is about 8 ft tall now, and the nodes are beginning to shorten, which is generally the first sign you will see of the onset of flowering. I have my fingers crossed, as I really do want to make some seed from her.

I have just planted some more Sugar Haze plants (100% germination BTW :) in order to get a male to make those seeds.

I could try to figure out a way to cover her if she runs on into fall, and we begin to have some frosts. Time will tell.

Here is an image of her today…

Volunteer Cannabis Plant The Wild Thing
Volunteer Cannabis Plant The Wild Thing

Well, as can happen, I have grown and nurtured this plant all summer, and the longer it grew without showing sex the more convinced I was that I had a female plant. But no….nature had it’s way and finally maleness ensued….

This can be a deal breaker for one trying to grow sensimilla, but for me, I will just grow out a small female(s), and make some seed. One must realize that a plant grown from seed has half of it’s genetic makeup supplied by the mother, and half by the father. If either are impressive plants the offspring is likely to be impressive as well.

I am going to just offer these seeds as freebies for anyone interested in growing a Wild Thing Jr. Here is a short vid of Sir Wild Thing going into full bloom….

Update…9/11/23…this date brings back some awful memories, doesn’t it?

Sir Wild Thing is now in full flower, so if any of you want to know what a male cannabis plant looks like in full flower, here you go. The block wall under him is just over my head, and I am 6’3″. So he is about 10 feet tall, and producing copious amounts of pollen!

If only he were a she! I have some small Sugar Haze plants I am growing to hopefully make some seed from him, which I plan to give away as freebies.

And, he will produce enough pollen to pollinate likely thousands of plants if exposed to him.

Here is a new image of Sir Wild Thing today…

This will be my final installment on this post about Sir Wild Thing. It will not however be the end of his genetics, I am going to pollinate an indoor room of 15 plants with his pollen, soon I have those plants on 12/12 now.. I have also gave free pollen to several people, and have more left if anyone else wants some. I am giving away a large enough vial of his pollen to pollinate several females pretty well. So if you would like some, simply put in some kind of order, and leave me a note asking for Sir Wild Thing pollen.

Here is the last image of him in full inflorescence….

Say Goodbye to Sir Wild Thing
Say Goodbye to Sir Wild Thing

I so wish he had been a her! He was a beast, and I think his genetics will likely improve any plant he pollinates. I collected pollen from him for a week or so, I would imagine if I would have kept at it I could have had a pint jar half full!

Everything around him was covered!

And, now to bring him to his final end…

Sir Wild Thing Chop
Sir Wild Thing Chop

Goodbye Sir Wild Thing, it was a pleasure to baby you all summer and see just how big you could get!

If you want some of his pollen don’t hesitate to hit me up…

62 thoughts on “Volunteer Cannabis Plants

  1. So it turns out to be Sir Wild Thing sorry to hear that. But that
    dose not change everything in my opinion. It’s still some strong genetics. I would still like a taste of those genetics when you decide witch genetics you mate him with. I am still in for a order of seeds with now Sir Wild Thing genetics

    1. Agreed PopPop, he is impressive himself! I have seen alot of males, and he is the most robust I have every seen. I am growing out some sugar haze to mate with him, and I have the Odiska Valley Landrace Sativa cannabis strain that should make seeds as well.

      1. The sugar haze will be awesome mine are huge in pots not the ground. If I could plant in ground I would. They would end up trees. Thanks for the compost tea video. I am getting a composter to start composting. The tea is a great Idea. I always amend my soil with work castings and some guanos even seaweed or kelp. I am a firm believer of nutes.

        1. Me too Janet, everything that grows needs food. I have grown Sugar Haze in the ground, they got well over 10 feet tall. One reason I like compost teas is you do not have any deficiencies, it is a very complete fertilizer, and, especially when growing seed I think this is important.

    2. I am on board no mater what you cross him with.

      1. Thanks Janet, I am growing out some Sugar Haze, which is a similar plant. We will see how they do.

  2. I would suggest you start thinning some of the leaves. As impressive as it is, and it is, the leaf production is a bit much. Some of the smaller shaded buds would appreciate some light and will give you more than popcorn buds. The real question is how does it smoke. Impressive plants are one thing, smoke is another. What soil was below, an old compost heap? Call that The Hedge.

    1. Thanks for your imput Mike, I was actually only really pushing it for size (lots of nitrogen…hence the leaf production), and since I was going to seed it wasn’t concerned much about the bud size. I like to give a full spectrum fertilizer throughout the life of a seeded plant, so the seeds will be robust. That being said, this is all now a mute point as I got back home from a few days away, and it is a male. Can you imagine the amount of pollen it will produce!

      1. You just pollenated the county with that tree.

        1. This is true, I have grown sinsemilla at my house for many years without any seeds, so it is unlikely I will ruin anyone’s crop.

  3. That is one big ass plant Jerry. The reference to the Troggs was great. I also like (maybe better) the version of Wild Thing done by Jimi Hendrix. Another musical genius from our time that became another victim of the “27” club. I also was 13 in 1965. The best era ever to grow up in, as far as I am concerned.


    1. Agreed Gene, I too was 13 that year. Sadly the plant has ended up being a male.

  4. That’s turning into a tree!

  5. Yes it was PopPop that started wild thing I was just saying I loved that name for her . She sure is a wild thing!

  6. Jerry she could produce 2,500 to 3,000 seeds easy

    1. Believe me PopPop, she can produce many more then that. I once grew a Sativa plant in my greenhouse, it would have been about 10 feet tall of if grown outdoors. I did not top that plant, just supper-cropped it to keep it shorter then the 8 foot it had in the greenhouse. It was fully seeded, and you could read about it, and see an image of here here… https://justcannabisseed.com/free-cannabis-seeds-deal-the-history-of-this-offer-on-justcannabisseed-com/
      She was no where near the size of this volunteer plant, and she produced about a half gallon jar full of seeds (which made up my initial free seed orders) which I estimated by weight to be over 50,000 seeds! So, I would estimate, if I can get this volunteer plant to be fully seeded, and all the seeds have time to fully mature…there will be several hundred thousand seeds. She is becoming a real beast! Over 8 feet tall now, I will do an update on her soon.

  7. Janet I don’t know were I got the name Wild Thing from but on my first response to Jerry’s post I relayed saying it should be named either Jerry’s Wild Thing or just Wild Thing.
    That plant looked so vigorous when Jerry found it I thought wow what a beautiful Wild Thing it is. For me the name just fit and I have called it Wild Thing in every response since. I am hoping it will turn out to be the next Train Wreck PopPop

  8. Jerry say what I think it was PopPop that named it Wild Thing Lol

    But it’s all cool

    1. Wild Thing it is! I think the name fits it well.

  9. I love the name Wild thing and she sure is a wild thing. What a beauty!

    1. OK Janet, you have named this plant…Wild Thing it is! I amazes me how fast they grow once they get big….mainly because of the extensive root system a big plant grown in the ground can produce. I did write a post about topping cannabis plants just for you, here is the link in case you missed it… https://justcannabisseed.com/topping-a-cannabis-plant-how-why-and-when/
      I am very interested in just how many seeds this plant can produce if I can get her fully pollinated, and she has time to mature all her seed.

  10. I’m with you Janet it’s going to be a long wait for these seeds.

    I really have my hopes up that this will be a high producer or premium buds.
    I have seen things like this happen were the grower doesn’t know for sure the genetics of the mother plant. Once it was because seeds got spilled and mixed up so they were sold as unknown. A grower grew some out with a male plant he liked the result was one of the best smokes people had ever seen in the 90s. Another just got pollinated by a unknown source outside grow. And it too was a perfect smoke and high. I am sure some of them being so good was the placebo effect were everyone was hoping it would be good but that does not apply to the years down the road were people kept them alive and growing because it was so good. It just seams like some of the best smoke šŸš¬ I’ve seen was a fluke thing that just happened not a strain someone work grow for years. Guess it may be nature’s way of saying I’m rule so have one on me. I hope Jerry has me down for one of the first orders of the WildThing he’s growing now. PopPop

  11. Cant wait to buy whatever seed it produces.

  12. Jerry, I think you should balance her out with some sativa genetics from a Columbian or Panama Red male. The Black would be nice but the result might detract from the vigorous growth pattern she is now showing.

    1. Actually the Black is a strain I got from my brother, and it too can get huge. Maybe I should just sprout several strains, flip the light, and see which becomes a male, pick the best one…and go with it. Can you imagine how many seeds she will produce?

  13. Everyone keeps talking about topping a plant. Can you explain this method I would love to try it. I love it when the plants get bushy. I just don’t know how to achieve this yet. I love learning new tips and tricks to make my plants better. Thanks

    1. Sure Janet, I will write a short post on topping cannabis plants right now. Just go to the blog and search for ‘topping a cannabis plant’ when I am done.

  14. If you cross that with the black I definitely want some seeds. I had 2 puna duck plants growing outside last year that I kept topping for 3 months and they got huge. Well August came around and I was checking them for pre flowers and found balls instead. I was so upset. They were both beautiful plants, but I had to pull them. All that work for nothing. This year I have blue dream, gelato, and kush outside and they’re not as big as the males from last year. I just started some Himalayan blue diesel and black Alaskan as well as a mystery seed to grow indoors this fall that I got from you . I’ll keep watching this space for results on this grow. Good luck.

    1. That sucks Wavy! I am in the same boat, pretty much. I have thought I found female preflowers, before, although I am having a hard time finding them now. So, like you did, it is a wait and see. Get back to me and let me know how the plants you are growing from my seed do. And, I will do updates on this grow till it finishes. Might end up with a couple gallon jars full of seeds! Maybe I will make them an alternative free seed order.

  15. What about Bbs Bad assed mine are bushy just like those, but not as tall as I have them in a pot and not the ground. I wish I could plant in the ground but too many animals here. I have to keep mine about 3 ft or more off the ground or my dogs and cats foof out on them. My daughters pit carried a 10 gal pot off with one my 6 ft sugar haze. They are just starting to flower and she carried the whole pot ate the plants and was rolling around in the dirt . There was not even anything left to try to save.

    1. I agree BadAss would make an impressive cross. Some Pits can be very destructive…just too much energy! Dang a ten gallon pot too!

      1. I would absolutely buy those!!

        1. I know right, so would I. She is an awesome vibrant plant, showing some great vigor! With all the topping (10 or 15 times at this point) She will have a ton of bud sites. The buds (because there will be so many) should not get huge, and create any problems with excessive weight. I could however have her grow through some netting, if I get around to that. I’m not too worried as I will get a ton of seeds from her anyways.

  16. Great looking plant! Very vigorous!
    I tend to like hybrids quite a bit. Considering that she is most likely indica dominant, I suggest crossing her with the lebanese. My 2 cents.

    1. Thanks Mat, yes, she is filling out nicely in veg. I am not so sure about it being Indica dom though. The Lebanese strain I carry is an impressive plant as well, so I may go that way.

  17. mate it with some jack , that would be interesting .

    1. Jack Herer?

  18. Jerry the pictures of your Jerry’s Wild Thing plant are looking good. Can’t wait to pop some seeds from her next year. Sure wish you could root some of the cuttings you are having to take to keep her short. Grow out a clone of her this is would be a dream come true. Why don’t you sell clones yet?

    1. Just don’t have the time to deal with selling clones. She is becoming a beast,(and I am contributing to her beastiness) I will do an update today. I will likely have to grow another male to pollinate her, I wonder what strain I should try to get a male of??

  19. That was my thought even if I only know about one parent either way male or female You can put me down for 1 order if you grow seeds from those genetics. Dose not matter the name high quality is high quality for personal. If I get any seeds from it I’ll call it Jerry’s What ever you breed it with X Jerry’s Wild Thing. There you go I just named it Jerry’s Wild Thing lol hope you don’t mind the name.

    1. I love the name PopPop, I might just do that. It is an impressive plant.

  20. Lol, just goes to show we may be putting too much work trying to get seeds to pop and grow the perfect seedlings. Jerry’s thumb is go green he grows them wild in his sleep.

    That has to be some powerful genetics to look that good with ZERO EFFORT. That is a beautiful plant that has seen no love. Let us know if you are able to figure out what the mother plant was. You will likely sell some seeds from those genetics. I hope you have a female

    1. Thanks PopPop, unfortunately I will likely never know the genetics involved, but I agree the plant is pretty impressive, even if it is a male. Hmmm, you have given me an idea though (my wheels are always turning it seems) if it is a female, I could pollinate it and even though we will only know the father of any seeds produced, we will all have some experience with the mother with this post. I would sell the seeds as Father X Unknown….but have this post as a record of the mothers growth.

  21. that’s pretty cool! Looks like a nice plant.

    1. It really is somewhat impressive, I am thinking it will be a male, but time will tell. I will be updating this post as it matures, so we can all see what it turns into.

  22. Jerry I can’t tell looking at the pictures is that plant in a pot or just growing in the ground?

    1. It is in the ground (a true volunteer), and close to the front of my house, so I will likely top it a few more times to keep it from getting too tall. I was impressed by the size of it’s young leaves, and it growth vigor.

  23. Looks like a male growing to straight and from experience straight up means male. Most of the time. Mother nature sometimes has surprises.

    1. Yes, my thoughts as well. I decided to share it, and we can all see what it becomes.

  24. Usually I can pick a few males out for sure but every once and a while one will surprise me so it’s hard especially the pollys

    1. Yeah, I got good at predicting sex as well, they do tend to grow differently….for the most part.

  25. Jerry it looks in the pictures like it is growing in the ground NOT in a pot am I correct it’s growing in the ground wild. Either a by mistake dropped seed or maybe a šŸ’© pooped seed from a bird feeding on your plants last year.

    1. Exactly, it is a true volunteer…in the ground, and normally I wouldn’t want one growing there. I usually just pluck them, but this one was showing so much vigor I decided to let it grow. And why not share it with you guys, I love the interaction with like minded folks.

  26. Nice photos and plant. I can’t usually tell if male or female until near flowering time. The CG seeds I got from you are around 4′ tall in wire baskets that hold 30 gal of top soil. Three to a pot/basket and I pull the males before they can pollinate (unless Im growing for seed). I live in the South so I get an early start compared to the Northern colder temps.
    Also have some Blue Haze Auto from you that I am very impressed with the speed and vigor. They smell like sour grape — very POTENT!
    Growing nice buds too.

    1. Nice! Males can be hard to pick out early on, they just tend to be thinner, taller, basically less bushy. Sounds like you got it dialed in, keep in touch and let us know how it turns out.

  27. Nice looking plant!

    1. Thanks Mick, I am watering it, and feeding it a bit, since I decided to let it grow.

  28. Definately looks Indica to me!!!! šŸ˜Š

    1. Yes, Indica, or an Idica dom cross. The leaves are pretty big!

  29. That happened twice this year the first was a male so I pulled it. The second just popped up. Only about 2-3 inches. I want to see. It might be from the seeds I grew. After I fertilized it with the male for a week or 2. I washed it off so no lose pollen. Then I put it outside with the the of the girls. We get strong winds so maybe one of the seeds blew 2 pots over. I had the sour 60 that almost died in the fixie cup in there. It has been harvested, trimmed, washed, dried and now curing. A few days after that it just popped up. I always count the seeds so I can see how many sprout. That’s all I can think of. We will see. If she a girl Iā€™m going to try to feminize her seeds. Luckily its in a pot I can easily move. I crossed Santa Marta Columbian Gold with Bbs bad assed. Fingers crossed its my first time.

    1. I usually just pull them as well. And, I am usually thinking Hmmm, now how did that seed get there?? The Santa Marta X BadAss BB’s will be an awesome cross I think, keep us in the loop when you see how it does. And let me know how the fems turn out….

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